25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies

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People in horror movies are pretty dumb. They practically hand themselves over on a silver platter with their asinine decision-making skills. They should at least try to make the killer work for it. It frustrates the audience to no end watching each character die needlessly. Yet, somehow, time and time again, they do stupid things. From forgetting how to run to hanging out in haunted houses, people in horror movies seem to think they’re invincible until the end ultimately comes. When will they ever learn? We’re hoping sooner rather than later. In the meantime, here are 25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies.

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They give crazy people the benefit of the doubt.

crazy man with makeup

Most of the time, it’s hard to know a stranger’s true intentions. It’s easy to give people the benefit of the doubt. In horror movies, though, people ignore all kinds of red flags about obviously shady characters. When you see a creepy innkeeper with a lot of dead birds hanging on the hotel office walls, it’s probably best to walk away and drive a little further to the nearest Motel 6.


They decide the dark is the best option.


Look, sometimes you just can’t get away from the dark especially when a horror movie is involved. But, why do people in horror movies decide the best option is the darkest room imaginable? This is especially true when the monster, like in Lights Out, clearly can’t go into the light. A general rule of thumb, monsters rarely like hanging out in the sun to get a tan. Get out of the dark, fast.


They go into dark, scary basements.


There’s really no intelligent reason for any person in a horror movie to go down into a dark, scary basement. Nothing good ever goes on in a basement. Yet, time and time again, they come up with something and head on down into the abyss carrying a flashlight or a lighter…like that’s going to wade off the evil that wants to kill them.


They go to the nearest haunted house.

haunted house

You know the scene. It’s dark and dreary outside, and the main character parks in front of a house molded by Satan himself. They look around for a second as if nothing is wrong and proceed to go to the front door like they aren’t about to be brutally murdered. Characters that go inside old, rickety haunted houses are begging to be killed.


They watch someone get murdered.


If in danger, the average person would either fight it or run like the wind. But, in horror movies, some people stand there, usually hiding, while their friends are getting murdered a few feet away. Who actually does this? No one. It’s called the fight-or-flight response, not the fight, flight, or stand there like an idiot while your friend gets murdered response.

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