25 Disturbing Art Pieces That Challenge People’s Sanity

Among the peaceful portraits and soothing art pieces, there are creepy old paintings that give audiences a more unsettling and disturbing view of the world. These famous horror paintings go from mildly weird to absolutely shocking and deranged. Can you handle these 25 disturbing art pieces? Many have tried and many have failed. Here are 25 Disturbing Art Pieces That Challenge People’s Sanity.

Caution: Contains disturbing images.


Untitled Painting

untitled painting

This dreary oil painting by Polish author Zdislaw Beksinski does not have a name. We only know it was painted in 1984, in the period when Beksinski’s main subject was utopian realism, surreal architecture, and doomsday scenarios.


A Negro Hung Alive

www.wikiart.org 1hung0150b

This gruesome image by William Blake shows a slave suspended to a gallows by means of a hook through his ribs. The work is based on an eye witness account from Dutch soldier J.G. Stedman who witnessed the cruelty in person.


Big Electric Chair

electric chair

Painted in 1967 by famous American pop art painter Andy Warhol, this painting was part of series depicting electric chairs. Warhol made the series in a period when he focused on bleak themes such as death, disasters, suicides or car crashes.



www.wikiart.org hell

This 1485 painting by German author Hans Memling was one of the scariest pieces of artwork during its time and was used to force people to live virtuous lives. Memling even amplified the terrifying effect of the outrageous scene by adding the banner saying: “In hell there is no redemption.”


The Water Ghost

www.storiedifantasmi.it fantasmi-milano-parte-3

Artist Alfred Kubin is considered an important representative of symbolism and expressionism and is noted for dark, spectral, symbolic fantasies. The Water Ghost is one of such work, depicting torment and impending doom at sea.

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