25 Disney Movie Plot Holes You Might Have Missed

There’s no doubt that almost everybody loves Disney’s animated films. Though we can name many reasons as to why this is true, the most common one is the enchantment of an art form through which fantasies come to (animated) life and dreams come true. However, despite loving Disney movies just as much as everybody else, we couldn’t help but notice some plot holes in their narratives. From Beauty and the Beast to The Little Mermaid, today we explore 25 Disney movie plot holes you might have missed.

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Why doesn't Charlotte turn into a prince when she kisses Naveen...several times?


The biggest plot hole is that Charlotte did not turn into a frog when she kissed Naveen. She kissed him after midnight (no longer a Princess) meaning she was supposed to turn into a frog like Tiana did. Plus, Charlotte kissed him multiple times.


Are Simba and Nala brother and sister?

Simba and Nala

Well, to be totally accurate what we mean here is that Simba and Nala could really be half siblings since in the whole movie how many male lions do we see other than Mufasa and Scar? None, right? It’s pretty clear that, given the hostilities that emerge between Scar and Nala, Mufasa is probably the father of the latter.


Why doesn’t Scar kill Simba immediately after the stampede?


Why does he entrust this extremely important task to the hyenas he clearly has little faith in? It’s not CSI; they are just lions. No DNA tests, no security-camera footage, no forensic experts. He could have smashed Simba’s head against his dad’s corpse and no one would have ever known.


Why does Rapunzel’s hair change color when she gets a haircut?


Rapunzel’s hair completely turns brown when her hair is cut.  However, earlier in the movie, only the hair that was cut off turned brown. Shouldn’t the hair still attached to her head remain blonde?


Why does Mulan have to go in the first place?


During the training, General Lee Shang hands her her stuff and tells her to go home. If Mulan, who is capable of at least running is sent home, then surely her father, who can barely walk, wouldn’t have made it either, and therefore, would not be killed. So that kinda negates everyone’s main concern from the beginning.

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