25 Disney Movie Plot Holes You Might Have Missed

Posted by , Updated on June 20, 2024

There’s no doubt that almost everybody loves Disney’s animated films. Though we can name many reasons as to why this is true, the most common one is the enchantment of an art form through which fantasies come to (animated) life and dreams come true. However, despite loving Disney movies just as much as everybody else, we couldn’t help but notice some plot holes in their narratives. From Beauty and the Beast to The Little Mermaid, today we explore 25 Disney movie plot holes you might have missed.



Why doesn't Charlotte turn into a prince when she kisses Naveen...several times?


The biggest plot hole is that Charlotte did not turn into a frog when she kissed Naveen. She kissed him after midnight (no longer a Princess) meaning she was supposed to turn into a frog like Tiana did. Plus, Charlotte kissed him multiple times.


Are Simba and Nala brother and sister?

Simba and Nala

Well, to be totally accurate what we mean here is that Simba and Nala could really be half siblings since in the whole movie how many male lions do we see other than Mufasa and Scar? None, right? It’s pretty clear that, given the hostilities that emerge between Scar and Nala, Mufasa is probably the father of the latter.


Why doesn’t Scar kill Simba immediately after the stampede?


Why does he entrust this extremely important task to the hyenas he clearly has little faith in? It’s not CSI; they are just lions. No DNA tests, no security-camera footage, no forensic experts. He could have smashed Simba’s head against his dad’s corpse and no one would have ever known.


Why does Rapunzel’s hair change color when she gets a haircut?


Rapunzel’s hair completely turns brown when her hair is cut.  However, earlier in the movie, only the hair that was cut off turned brown. Shouldn’t the hair still attached to her head remain blonde?


Why does Mulan have to go in the first place?


During the training, General Lee Shang hands her her stuff and tells her to go home. If Mulan, who is capable of at least running is sent home, then surely her father, who can barely walk, wouldn’t have made it either, and therefore, would not be killed. So that kinda negates everyone’s main concern from the beginning.


What really happened during the climactic chase scene in Monsters Inc.?

Monsters Inc.

It’s established that the doors between the Monster world and the human world have to be online to work. However, during the climactic chase scene of the film, the screenwriters made it so doors could be accessed without being online. Meaning all humans could potentially reach the monster world at any time, even though it never happens.


How come Goop changed his place while asleep at the end of the movie?

Meet the Robinsons

In the beginning of Meet the Robinsons, when “Goop” falls asleep, he misses the ball, by almost a foot or so. At the end of the movie, when Lewis calls out to Goop, the ball lands on his head and drops into his hand. Since Lewis didn’t alter the timeline to where Goop is standing, as to the part of not inventing the helping hat, Goop should have been in the same spot.


Why didn’t Maleficent send Diablo to look for Aurora in the first place rather than sending the others?


All of Maleficent’s other peons failed miserably, but Diablo found her immediately. Does it make sense to you?


Why didn’t Kerchack take care of his group even though he was mad with Tarzan for putting them in danger?


Kerchack is mad with Tarzan because he showed Jane, Porter, and Clayton to the gorilla’s current location. Yet Kerchack does not move the group even though he obviously knows they’re no longer safe there. Strange way to provide for your people, huh?


If Hades is surrounded by souls of the dead in the Underworld, why didn’t he check for Hercules’s soul?


When Pain and Panic claimed to have killed Hercules, Hades, who’s the absolute lord of the Underworld and is aware of all dead souls in his realm, didn’t even bother to check for Hercules among his collection of the dead. Why? Apparently he had to wait for eighteen whole years to check if Hercules was dead. Yeah, right!


Why does everyone applaud when Anna punches Hans?


Okay. So Elsa is a sorceress, Anna takes off after her, and leaves Hans in charge of the kingdom. He rules benevolently, handing out food and blankets to people. And then he mourns Anna when they all believe she is dead. No one in the kingdom knows about his treachery.


Why do the villagers suddenly accept Elsa and her sorcery?

"FROZEN" (Pictured) ELSA. ©2013 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Seriously. Weren’t they all previously scared of her? But now it’s all okay because she made them an ice rink?


Where do Elsa’s powers come from?


Speaking of her powers, it’s very strange, to say the least, that there’s no background or explanation as to how Elsa got her ability, especially considering that most other supernatural Disney things, people, or animals receive a very detailed explanation at the beginning of their respective movies as to how they came by their gifts. It looks like all the millions of Frozen fans will just have to wonder for their rest of their lives or just…Let It Go.


So what exactly do the seven dwarfs do with all the treasure they mine?

Seven dwarfs

Despite all the riches they mine and all the property they appear to own, they definitely don’t seem to live a comfortable life. Heck, they can’t even hire a maid to clean their messy house.


How did Cinderella’s glass slipper stay...well...glass?


When the clock struck midnight, everything the Fairy Godmother had transformed for Cinderella turned back into its original form, everything except for the glass slipper left behind at the ball. What a crazy coincidence, huh?


How come no one in the village knew about the castle in Beauty and the Beast?

castle in Beauty and the Beast

It’s the equivalent of a magical Burj Khalifa in a forest less than a day’s walk from the village. Hell, if the terrain is relatively flat they could probably see the castle from their living rooms. But if no one knows about it, why was there a castle with a young prince and hundreds of servants in the first place? Where are the king and queen? Was the prince immaculately conceived? Were the villagers paying taxes to the lord of the castle?


What's with the portrait from the future?


We know the curse was placed on Prince Adam when he was 11 and he has been in “Beast mode” ever since. So HOW is there an accurate portrait of him as an adult?


Who’s Chip’s dad?


Is it Cogsworth or Lumiere, after all? And since he’s not yet ten, that means he would have to have been born after the curse was placed (ten years before), which makes things even more confusing than they already are.


Why doesn't Woody remember his previous owners?


Okay so throughout the trilogy Woody is always worried about Andy giving him up. But in Toy Story 2, we find out that Woody is in fact a rare collector’s item from 1958. This means that Woody is at LEAST 40 something years old in the movie and there is NO way Andy is his first owner. How does he not remember any of his previous owners and/or realize being given away is just part of the process?


Why does Buzz Lightyear freeze when he’s around humans?

Buzz Lightyear

Why, if Buzz legitimately believes he is a space ranger, does he freeze every time people are around? It’s made clear that the toys have the ability to move, but they choose not to when humans are near (it’s not like its some automatic magical trigger or something).


Why wasn’t Ariel bothered by it when she was served seafood for dinner?

Eric and Ariel

One could describe this as cannibalism; or even worse, she could be accused of just sitting there seeing her own kind eaten alive right in front of her eyes.


Why didn’t Ariel communicate with Prince Eric by just writing to him? 


Okay, okay, Ariel lost her voice and she had a hard time trying to speak to Prince Eric but last time we checked she knew how to read and write. So the question is: How hard would it have been for her to just write to him instead?


Why doesn't Jafar just use his staff to get what he wants?


Jafar has a Snake Staff that can be used to control other people, rendering his entire plan to use the Genie to make him the ruler of Agrabah completely pointless. Why didn’t he just use the staff to make Jasmine love him? Or to make Aladdin leave or kill himself? Or to persuade the Sultan to step down from the throne and crown him the new ruler?


Why didn’t Aladdin give the lamp to Jasmine so she could have her three wishes as well?


It just doesn’t make sense. Even if the number of wishes Aladdin had didn’t reset upon getting the lamp back, he still would have been able to free Genie after Jasmine’s wishes had been granted, correct?


What do Roger and Anita need 101 Dalmatians for, really?

101 Dalmatians

Just stop and take a break from the fantastic, unrealistic world of Disney for a moment and try to think how many people you know who own 101 dogs. Exactly, there aren’t any. The cost of food alone to feed so many hungry animals would financially destroy any normal household.