25 Crazy Ways Amazon Changed Shopping

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Have you ever wondered about the crazy ways Amazon has changed shopping? Perhaps only once in a hundred years does a company come around that radically changes everything. Amazon started as a startup by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Since then, it’s grown to a massive company that makes $61 billion in annual revenue and employs thousands of people. Not only has it played a part in bringing down huge corporations, but it’s radically shifted the shopping environment altogether. Here are 25 Crazy Ways Amazon Changed Shopping.


1-Click Shopping

dash buttonsSource: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/amazons-1-click-goes-off-patent/

Before Amazon released “1-Click Shopping,” the ability to order something easily and quickly online, most people always had to enter their credit card information in every time they ordered something, making it a major hassle. Amazon making things easier changed expectations and shoppers started to demand the same experience elsewhere.


Selling Used Books

second hand booksSource: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/apr/14/selling-used-books-on-amazon-for-a-penny

When Amazon started selling used books next to new books, it was a big deal at the time and kind of taboo. However, this option suddenly opened up bookselling for both bookworms and booksellers. Rather than having a book rot in a landfill, it could be put up online instead. Now, when you buy a book online, it’s likely you go directly to the used book section first before buying new.


Selling eBooks

ebookSource: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G200635650

When Amazon first revealed their Kindle, it was a massive game changer for publishing. Suddenly, authors could bypass gatekeepers and get their books in front of many eyes. It’s likely you started reading books you would have never touched before because it came up on Amazon and looked like a good read.


Dynamic Pricing

new priceSource: https://feedvisor.com/resources/e-commerce-strategies/amazon-dynamic-pricing/

Before Amazon, at most retailers, unless there was a sale or clearance, most prices were always fixed, and it was difficult to price compare on the fly. When Amazon introduced Dynamic Pricing, everything changed. First, it created pricing that wasn’t based on regional location, and second, it allowed for prices to fluctuate based on many other factors in the market, potentially giving consumers a great deal.


Convenient Comparative Pricing

amazon cell phone

With the dawn of smartphones and Amazon’s shopping app, the ability to scan and compare prices while shopping at other stores drastically changed how people shopped. Now, rather than accepting a price at Target, you probably check Amazon to see if you can get it cheaper.

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