25 Crazy Things People Have Made From Chocolate

After publishing a post about interesting chocolate facts, we have decided to dedicate another post to this sweet delicacy. Usually, we eat chocolate in the form of individual regular bars varying only in size or flavors. But as you will see, chocolate can also come in some, let us say, unusual shapes and sizes. From creepy chocolate babies to a chocolate skating rink, check out these 25 crazy and insane things that people have really made from chocolate.

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Created for the 25th anniversary of Nike's Air Force 1, these choco-sneakers are a must-have for every chocolate fan.

www.highsnobiety.com RTEmagicC_01_chocolate_sneakers.jpgwww.highsnobiety.com

Ladies´ version of shoes, filled with truffles, is also available.

sweetdesigns.com 1810bsweetdesigns.com


This chocolate bed was created by an Argentine artist Leandro Erlich. It is a life-size replica of the famous Mies van der Rohe´s Barcelona couch.

www.midcenturymodernfurniturethenandnow.com Mies-van-der-Rohe-Chocolate-Cake-Day-Bed-created-by-Leandro-Erlichwww.midcenturymodernfurniturethenandnow.com

Handymen will certainly appreciate this awesome chocolate tool kit…

www.sjchocolates.com s994803946122714823_p28_i1_w640www.sjchocolates.com


…coming with no less cool chocolate parts.

flickr.com 4357341621_84519b074dflickr.com

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