25 Crazy Rock Climbing Photographs That Makes Palms Sweat

Posted by , Updated on March 24, 2024

If you’re looking for danger, excitement, and a strong adrenaline rush, then rock climbing, and these crazy rock climbing photographs, may be just for you. From the Rocky Mountains to the Alps, climbing takes you to some of the most precarious places in the world, and if you have what it takes, the views are unbeatable. These 25 Crazy Rock Climbing Photographs are going to give you a glimpse of nature from the eyes of a daredevil, but beware, your palms might get a bit sweaty.

Whose idea was this?

woman tip toes around boulder

She’s just scooting around a huge boulder with no support and handing on by her toes, no big deal.


It's all fun and games until someone gets a hand cramp

man hanging upsidedown from rocks with one hand

It takes guts to trust one hand to hold your entire weight hanging upside down on a mountain, but this guy is not phased at all.


Look at those mountains!

man sitting on top of mountain with snowcapped peak in background

This guy is smart. He picked the smallest mountain around to climb with the best backdrop. He definitely was taking some super selfies up there.


Mountain or slide?

climbers climbing up smooth rounded mountainface

Now these climbers are doing all the right things, but that mountain face is so smooth that as soon as the rain starts, you have the most EPIC water slide you’ve ever seen!


Now this is a mountain climber!

man in gear climbing up side of mountain

With all his gear, pointy mountains, and a ton of snow on the ground, this guy shows us what it truly means to be a mountain climber!


Is she on Mars?

woman climbs up red rock mountain

This mountain climber is actually in Nevada, but those bright red rocks would easily be at home on Mars.


This brings new meaning to "rocky road."

man holding onto mountain with one hand

This brave climber is just starting out, but look at what he has ahead of him. Sharp rocks, boulders, and likely a thousand bugs are the only things keeping this man from climbing greatness!


Who's bright idea was this?

two climbers climbing from the ocean

Now it may seem tempting to go rock climbing over the ocean, after all, if you fall, it’s nice soft water below you right? Wrong! Not only do you have to contend with the dangers of the ocean but you also get an express pass onto whatever rocks loom below the surface. Talk about dangerous!


The home stretch of the climb is the best.

climber climbing rockface with mountains in background

Both in the beautiful scenery and the sense of relief, the last 15 feet of a mountain climb are the best, as this climber shows us. Just don’t look down.


How happy can you be climbing up a mountain?

woman waving from midway up a mountain

According to this picture, really happy. Remember that sliding rock from 22? This is it’s cousin. But like our previous mountain climbers, this brave climber is not deterred from reaching the top!


What do you do when your shoe comes loose?

woman hanging off the side of mountain from her harness

As a climber, your choice of footwear is important. What do you do if you bought the wrong pair of shoes and they start to slip? Well just learn back, sit cautiously over a 150-foot drop and secure your foot, that’s what.


The best climbers stop to take in the view

woman hangs from fingertips from the side of a mountain under an arch

Not deterred by the height, the heat, or the painful hand cramps from holing onto the rocks, this climber stops to take a break and the amazing sights from up high.


Don't mess with Grandma

Woman climbing up side of large boulder with her bare hands

While technically you could call this bouldering, but this grandmother slowly but surely is making her way up a small smooth mountain framed by sharp edged rocks, and it makes us want to cheer. You go Grandma!


Is he climbing past the clouds?

man in climbing harness on the side of a mountain waiting to climb higher

For serious climbers, the only way to go is up as high as you can, and this Portland climber has scaled until he is all the way in the clouds. However, that is never enough for these brave but crazy mountain climbers.


She won the race!

couple climbing up to rounded summit of mountain with farm in backgroun

Like most sports, rock climbing is a heck of a lot more fun when it is competitive. So when this couple raced their way up this rock face, we can bet that the winner was celebrating!


The best reward for a rock climb is the scenery

man laying flat on rock looking over valley

This rock climber made his way to the top of these North Carolina peaks to the best reward for his hard work, a peak over the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful mountain ranges.


How does she still have a smile on her face?

Woman ascending to the top of a mountain

Pictures like these are what really show how rock climbers stand out from the crowd. After climbing up the side of a treacherous mountain, carrying gear, and losing one glove, this brave mountain climber still has a smile for the sport.


This guy might be the world's most determined climber.

man rock climbs shirtless on sheet cliffface

Climbing in the summer is hot work. So of course this climber decides the best way to make his climb (and to get serious sun burn) is to climb shirtless. Based on the cable below him, he still has a long way to go.


Even heroes climb mountains

Man in camouflage ties onto tree and begins decent down the mountain

Some of our bravest mountain climbers are those men and women of the armed forces who train to rescue those in distress. This brave climber is not only testing his mettle with this rocky climb down the slope and back, but is showing an impressive amount of faith in that tree.


They climbed all that way just to fight over where to sit

two people on top of a rock face jutting out from mountain overlooking a forest

These climbers have made it to the summit of a serious peak only to enjoy the relaxing sensation of sitting on a rock thousands of feet in the air. If panoramic views are your thing, then you might enjoy rock climbing.


Slippery rocks and climbing are not a great idea

man climbing up steep rocks next to stream

Here we have yet another climber who just does not seem to understand that climbing wet rocks is a bad idea. Hold on tight!


Let's just take a nap on the side of a mountain

Man sitting on the edge of a cliff

Just like our climber watching from a ledge in number 9, this successful mountain climber is enjoying a much needed break – but on the side of the mountain. It just goes to show you that what might be scary to us mere mortals is nothing but a relaxing day to these brave climbers.


He still has a long way to go

arial image of person climbing large mountain with blue background

If you’re going to climb a mountain for hours on end, you might as well have a phenomenal view of the ocean while you do it.


First Rule of Rock Climbing: Don't let go!

Man upside down midway down a cliffface

What happens when you are part way up a mountain and a monster sneeze, pesky bug, or unfortunate breeze makes you let go? This photo is what happens. Hopefully he caught himself!


This guy brings new meaning to the word zen

01 Hanging

Climbing with minimal gear against a glorious sunrise, this climber takes our number 1 spot. While we would not trade places with him, he definitely earned our respect.

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