25 Restaurants With Jaw Dropping Views

Posted by , Updated on November 26, 2022

From the tops of mountains to the bottoms of waterfalls, these are 25 restaurants with jaw dropping views.


Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Peru

amazing restaurant views

The closest hotel to Machu Picchu offers an incredible view of the Urubamba River Valley.


Palazzo Avino, Italy

amazing restaurant views

Situated along the Amalfi coast, this hotel offers a picturesque view of the Mediterranean.


Vertigo, Thailand

amazing restaurant views

Located on the 65st floor rooftop of the Banyan Tree hotel in downtown Bangkok you get a perfect view of the river and skyline.


Tapasake, Maldives

amazing restaurant views

If your dream is to eat sushi shipped directly from Tokyo on a beach with a perfect view of a Maldivian lagoon then this is the place.


Kupu Kupu Barong Villas, Indonesia

amazing restaurant views

This Southeast Asian-French fusion restaurant gives you a pretty good view of the Aunug River and the surrounding forest


The Rock Restaurant, Tanzania

amazing restaurant views

As the name suggests, you’re basically on a rock looking out at the Indian Ocean.


Skyline Restaurant, New Zealand

amazing restaurant views

Situated high above Queenstown at the top of Bob’s peak, diners here have a perfect view of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains.


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

amazing restaurant views

Sitting at an altitude of nearly 8,000 feet on the rim of the largest unbroken caldera in the world and looking at Ngorongoro Crater is hard to beat.


Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines

amazing restaurant views

Situated at the foot of Labasin Falls, you’re going to have to take your shoes off because the tables are actually sitting in a few inches of water.


Hotel Edelweiss, Switzerland

amazing restaurant views

From the sun terrace of this hotel you have an unparalleled view of the Swiss Alps.


Piz Gloria, also in Switzerland

amazing restaurant views

It would not be right to leave off the restaurant where James Bond was filmed in 1969.


Le Jules Verne, France

amazing restaurant views

At the top of the Eiffel Tower is a restaurant. And yes, we know, the Eiffel Tower is supposedly overrated. But you’ve still got a pretty decent view of Paris.


Dasheene, St Lucia

25 Restaurants With Jaw Dropping Views

Sitting on an old cocoa plantation that was converted into a resort you have a perfect view of the mountains opening up to the Caribbean Sea.


Sunset da Mona Lisa, Mexico

amazing restaurant views

Found at the tip of the bay of Cabo San Lucas, this Italian restaurant has some pretty nice views of the Pacific Ocean.


Sierra Mar, California

amazing restaurant views

Here’s another restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean except this time you’re at the top of a cliff.


Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

amazing restaurant views

Dug into a cave on the edge of the Mediterranean, this Italian restaurant offers a very unique dining experience.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

amazing restaurant views

Going back to the Maldives, this time the tables are located underwater.


The Hanging Restaurant, China

amazing restaurant views

Attached to the side of a cliff in the Hubei Province there is even a bungee jumping platform nearby if you are feeling courageous.


Two Oceans, South Africa

amazing restaurant views

Not surprisingly this restaurant sits almost within stone throwing distance of both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.


The River Cafe, New York

amazing restaurant views

Located beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, this cafe gives you a backdrop of downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.


Strofi, Greece

amazing restaurant views

With your table at the edge of the Acropolis you’ll have a pretty good view of the Parthenon.


Soneva Kiri, Thailand

amazing restaurant views

Back in Thailand again, this time you’re up in the canopy of a rain forest in a bamboo dining pod overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.


Felix, Hong Kong

amazing restaurant views

On the 28th floor of the Peninsula Hotel you’ll get a pretty nice view of the Hong Kong skyline as well as the harbor.


Klein's Camp, Tanzania

amazing restaurant views

At the edge of the Kuka Hills this restaurant and lodge overlooks the Serengeti National Park and the Masai Mara National Reserve.


Casa Palopo, Guatemala

amazing restaurant views

Situated along the shores of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by volcanos, this restaurant takes exotic dining to another level.

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