25 Restaurants With Jaw Dropping Views

From the tops of mountains to the bottoms of waterfalls, these are 25 restaurants with jaw dropping views.

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Belmond Sanctuary Lodge, Peru

amazing restaurant views

The closest hotel to Machu Picchu offers an incredible view of the Urubamba River Valley.


Palazzo Avino, Italy

amazing restaurant views

Situated along the Amalfi coast, this hotel offers a picturesque view of the Mediterranean.


Vertigo, Thailand

amazing restaurant views

Located on the 65st floor rooftop of the Banyan Tree hotel in downtown Bangkok you get a perfect view of the river and skyline.


Tapasake, Maldives

amazing restaurant views

If your dream is to eat sushi shipped directly from Tokyo on a beach with a perfect view of a Maldivian lagoon then this is the place.


Kupu Kupu Barong Villas, Indonesia

amazing restaurant views

This Southeast Asian-French fusion restaurant gives you a pretty good view of the Aunug River and the surrounding forest

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