25 Craziest Drugs You Might Not Know Existed

Posted by , Updated on April 23, 2024

Do you know someone who was hooked on some crazy sounding drug? Hopefully not, but sometime it can seem like there are new dangerous drugs everyday, especially with the opioid epidemic sweeping the world. Some of these new drugs are so potent that they are hundreds of times more powerful than morphine. These are the 25 craziest drugs you might not know existed.



yageSource: bbc.com

Made from the ayahuasca vine and a shrub named chacruna, this is one of nature’s craziest hallucinogens. It has been used since ancient times by tribesmen to go on spiritual “journeys”.



DNPSource: washingtonpost.com

Also known as 2,4-Dinitrophenol, this drug burns fat so well that it raises the body temperature to dangerous levels and essentially cooks the body from the inside out. It was initially approved as a weight loss drug in the early 1930s but due to its organ-microwaving tendencies it was discontinued a few year later. Unfortunately, people still get it on the black market.



depressionSource: drugs.com

Known as anti-pot because it basically undoes the effects of marijuana (notably decreasing the munchies), Rimonabant was approved as a weight loss drug. Unfortunately it was making people depressed and suicidal so the drug was removed from the market.



air conditioningSource: nytimes.com

Common in air conditioning units, some people try to inhale this gas to get a quick high. Problematically, even small doses can cause serious brain damage.



soldiersSource: listverse.com

It’s basically marijuana on steroids and was initially developed by the military to cripple the enemy without killing them.



athleteSource: webmd.com

HGH stands for “human growth hormone”, and while this hormone is found naturally in the human body, some athletes take it to get an edge. The side effects, however, can literally be disfiguring (parts of your body will grow that you didn’t necessarily want growing, like your jaw).



clockSource: drugs.com

Although you probably know this drug as Ambien, what you may not have known is that overdosing can cause you to do some pretty crazy stuff while “sleep walking”, including crashing cars and robbing banks.



fentanylSource: cnn.com; narconon.org

Considering that the world is undergoing an unprecedented opioid crisis, chances are you actually might know of this drug. Fentanyl, also known as fentanil, is an opioid pain medication that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Outside of a medically controlled environment, this drug is very dangerous and potentially deadly.



hallucinateSource: addictionlibrary.org

One of the most powerful hallucinogens out there, this drug is often mislabelled and sold under a different name, which often causes people to overdose. While LSD lasts about 6 hours, this drug lasts more than 3 days.



nutmegSource: telegraph.co.uk

In spite of its wholesome reputation, nutmeg is a potent hallucinogen. Whats more, it doesn’t take much nutmeg to induce a crazy trip.



scissorsSource: heavy.com

25I-NBOMe is basically a synthetic version of LSD that initially managed to get around various legal loopholes. People who take this drug, however, often experience violent deaths. One 18 year old experienced such depression that he tried to commit suicide by repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck with a pair of scissors.


BZP (benzylpiperazine)

tabletsSource: justice.gov

Basically a cheap version of ecstasy, BZP is easy to make but hard to clean up. What do we mean by that? The drug contains lots of toxins that are very dangerous to your organs.


Benzo Fury

pink tabletsSource: foxnews.com

A designer drug version of ecstasy, dealers exploit legal loopholes to sell this drug legally. What some users don’t realize though, is that fury can be a whole lot more potent than its more common counterparts.



pinky promiseSource: nbcnews.com

Remember fentanyl? Well, pink is basically fentanyl extreme. In fact, it’s called pink because snorting any more than what fits on your pinky is lethal.



musicSource: nih.gov

Unlike other hallucinogens, this drug causes intense auditory hallucinations. People who have taken this drug report ringing in the ears for up to a month!



crocodileSource: theguardian.com

As scary as the name sounds…the drug is even scarier. Originating in Russia, it’s only used by the most hardcore drug abusers because it completely destroys the body in extremely disgusting ways. A combination of codeine, gasoline, paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, iodine, and red phosphorus from matchsticks; produce a highly addictive substance that is three time cheaper to produce than heroin. Once injected, this drug eats it’s victims from the inside out by destroying body tissues and opening large sores that can even reveal bone. Seriously, don’t google it…



vodkaSource: bbc.com

This Russian bath lotion has become a popular drug in the eastern parts of the country. Due to its high alcohol content, Russians use it as a vodka substitute.



homelessSource: drugabuse.gov

This synthetic marijuana has the same effects as regular marijuana except with a lot more side effects. Unfortunately homeless people tend to abuse this drug and then end up in the emergency room.



policeSource: cnn.com

A cheap stimulant that is produced in Asia, there are good reasons it has earned the nickname $5 insanity. One user was reported to shake off a police taser like it was a flea and then proceed to stab the officer with his own badge.



dogSource: drugabuse.com

This narcotic is often used by veterinarians, but now pet owners have begun taking their “sick” pets to the vet so they can get in on a piece of the action themselves.



gangsterSource: drugs.com

Popular among Colombian gangs, this drug causes amnesia and suggestibility, so basically they can get you to do whatever they want.


Stilton Cheese

cheeseSource: theguardian.com

It’s not your typical drug, but according to some studies 75% of people who eat this British cheese right before bed experience vivid and strange dreams.



ripSource: recoveryfirst.org

Carfentanil is like regular fentanyl…except 100 times stronger. In fact, it’s 1000 times stronger than morphine!


Etorphine (M99)

elephantSource: opioids.com

This synthetic drug is 5000 times more powerful than heroin and 1,000 to 80,000 more potent than morphine. 1/100th of a gram can knock out an elephant (which is basically what is was made for) and even a grain of this drug touching your skin is enough to put you in danger!



poopSource: abcnews.go.com

This hallucinogen is made from fermented poop. And not just any poop…human poop. Its ease of production has led to its popularity in various poorer countries like Zambia.

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