25 Coldest Large American Cities You Should Avoid This Winter

It’s time to face the fact – winter is inconspicuously and slowly approaching. The cold mornings and falling leaves are unmistakable signs of the forthcoming season that many people consider the most unpleasant part of the year. Not everybody can afford to spend the winter in a beach house in sunny Florida so, for those who will have to put their warm hats, scarves and gloves on, we at least made a list of the coldest US cities to avoid. Based on the average winter temperature according to city-data.com, these 25 cities with a population of over 50,000 do have the right to complain about the weather. So if you hate cold weather, make a note of these 25 coldest large American cities you should avoid this winter. Warning: Sun-people may find the following pictures disturbing.

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Madison, Wisconsin, 16.1 F

photos.uc.wisc.edu Winter_campus12_2116photos.uc.wisc.edu

Located in South Wisconsin, Madison is the capital and second largest city of the state. The city has a humid continental climate marked by variable weather patterns and great temperature differences. While summers are usually quite hot, winters can be very chilly with moderate to heavy snowfall and temperatures often well below freezing.


Anchorage, Alaska, 16.0 F

www.alaska-in-pictures.com severe-winter-snowstorm_5378www.alaska-in-pictures.com

With a population of about 300,000, Anchorage is the largest and most populous city in Alaska. The city has subarctic climate but thanks to its proximity to the ocean, it is not as severe as you might think. Winters, however, are pretty extreme with annual snowfall of more than 75 inches and lowest recorded temperature of -38 F.


Appleton, Wisconsin, 16.0 F

www.jefflindsay.com apl-reidwww.jefflindsay.com

Situated on the Fox River, 100 miles north of Milwaukee, Appleton is the administrative centre of the Outagamie County. Winter is usually long there with considerable snowfall and temperatures sometimes getting close to – 30 F, which is what only keen skiers or ice hockey players can enjoy.


Waterloo, Iowa, 16.0 F

www.noaanews.noaa.gov winter-longislandwww.noaanews.noaa.go

Occupying a total area of 63.23 square miles, Waterloo is the sixth-largest city in Iowa. Apart from very cold and long winters typical of the region, the city also has to cope with occasional floods from the nearby Cedar River. In 2008, Waterloo was struck by the worst floods in its history and just one year later, it experienced an extreme freezing period with temperature dropping to –34 F.


Green Bay, Wisconsin, 15.9 F

www.crh.noaa.gov GB_PegZenkowww.crh.noaa.gov

After Milwaukee and Madison, Green Bay is the third largest city of Wisconsin. Lightly moderated by the nearby Lake Michigan, the city experiences very long, cold and snowy winters. Annually, there are 68 days when the temperature remains at or below freezing. The lowest recorded temperature was -36 F.

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