25 Clever Observations You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

If you’re old enough to access this article and read it, then you must already know that the world is a strange place. Whether it’s language, politics, or even science, there is no end to the apparent contradictions and strange ways that things fall together. Just to set the stage, though, this list isn’t necessarily about the way things are, but the way things could be. Think of it as a list of thoughts that reflect extremely ironic situations. These situations may or may not be facts. For example, the only time you clean your skeleton is when you brush your teeth. That is a fact. It is something you probably never thought about but it is real. Then there is the thought that reading “Do not touch” in braille would probably be a very unsettling experience. It could be real, and maybe there is such a sign somewhere in the world. But even if there isn’t, it’s a very interesting, and somewhat silly thing to think about. So read the following list with a grain of salt.

These are 25 Clever Observations You’ve Probably Never Thought Of.

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If you have a Samsung phone and call your friend that lives on another continent, you're calling from a Galaxy far, far away.

Samsung phoneSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Through, tough, thorough, thought, trough, though don't rhyme, but pony and bologna do.

ponySource: reddit, Image: pixabay

You don't realize how little shampoo you actually need until you are almost done with the bottle.

shampooSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

The computer that your are using is the result of a long series of tools being used to make newer tools, all the way back to the caveman with a rock.

computerSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Brushing your teeth before going to the dentist is kind of like cramming before taking a test.

toothbrushSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

There are few things that scream "top of the food chain" like eating squid-ink calamari pasta. You're eating another animal and seasoning it with it's own defense mechanism.

squid pastaSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

At age 30, you've spent a month having birthdays.

happy birthdaySource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Every day you spend multiple hours vividly hallucinating. Then you wake up and eat the meat of other animals for energy before going off to do something you don't really want to do in exchange for pieces of paper.

time & moneySource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Your future self is watching you right now through memories.

brainSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

To the dinosaurs, we live in a post-apocalyptic future.

dinosaurSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Because telescopes work using mirrors, we'll never know if there are any space vampires.

telescopeSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

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If someone farts at a poker tournament, no one will ever know who did it.

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The best defense against somebody videotaping you is to blast a song by an artist that is serious about copyright infringement.

copyrightSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Why do baby clothes have pockets?

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If colleges really want to prepare high school students for today's job market, then they should only accept students who have "at least 2-3 years college experience".

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If Goldilocks tried three beds, then Momma Bear and Daddy Bear slept separately. Baby Bear is probably the only thing keeping the family together.

teddy bearSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Your debit card pays for things with past hours of your life, and your credit card pays with future hours of your life.

credit cardsSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Brushing your teeth is the only time you clean your skeleton.

Kid brushing his teethSource: reddit, Image: Shutterstock

The best item to protect you from sasquatch attacks is a camera.

camera manSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

"DO NOT TOUCH" would probably be a really unsettling thing to read in braille.

braille.Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

If you think about it, lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake.

LasagnaSource: izismile.com, Image: pixabay

The object of golf is to play the least amount of golf.

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We put clocks in our mobile phones so we didn't need to look at watches. Now we put mobile phones in our watches so we don't need to look at our mobile phones.

watchSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Shouldn't bald, hairy men use shampoo on their bodies and body wash on their heads?

bald memeSource: reddit

The English language has evolved to the point where 'Literally' is used figuratively as a hyperbole.

Clever ObservationsSource: reddit