25 Bizarre Bathrooms Found Around The World

Limited by confined spaces and high demands of hygiene and efficiency, bathrooms usually offer little room for designers’ creativity. However, not all bathrooms are boring. As you will see in this post, there are some really strange bathrooms and weird toilets around the world. For some reason, designers of these weird public bathrooms have gone to great lengths when trying to make their experience unique. From space pods and beer keg-toilets to see-through public bathrooms on busy streets, here are 25 Bizarre Bathrooms Found Around The World.

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This unusual bathroom can be found at the UFO Bar & Restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Bucket_UrinalsSource: flickr.com

Known as the Kisses Urinals, these creative urinals were designed in 2000 by Dutch designer Meike van Schijndel.

kisses urinalsSource: bathroom-mania.com

Some people have been known to have bad aim, leading to pretty dirty public restrooms. In an effort to solve this problem, one brilliant economist created "nudge toilets." They "nudge" users to aim correctly by placing an image of a fly in the urinal to give a target. It's been more successful than you might think.

Nudge_Toilet_2Source: https://nudges.wordpress.com/the-amsterdam-urinals/

New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape. Now you can add unique and beautiful bathrooms to the list of reasons to visit the country.

hundertwasserSource: pinterest.com

Check out number 6 to see another one of Hundertwasser’s bathroom designs!


If you take a trip to Vienna, you should check out the opera...and by opera, we mean the opera toilet.

opera toiletSource: tripadvisor

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