25 Biggest Mansions In The World

Although not all of us want to live in huge houses, we all have at least an inkling of curiosity with regards to the biggest houses in the world. And while some of us may see big mansions as the rich taking advantage of the poor, others may see a testament to hard work. Either way, these are the 25 Biggest Mansions In The World!


Indian Neck Hall (Oakdale, New York)

Indian Neck Hall (Oakdale, New York)Source: nytimes.com

When this Georgian style home was built in 1897, it was said to be the biggest mansion on Long Island at 75,000 square feet.


Woodlea (Scarborough-on-Hudson, New York)

Woodlea (Scarborough-on-Hudson, New York)Source: nytimes.com

Built in the nearly 1900’s, Woodlea is part of the Sleepy Hollow Country Club and serves as its 70,000 square foot clubhouse.


Pensmore (Highlandville, Missouri)

Pensmore (Highlandville, Missouri)Source: dailymail.co.uk

The Pensmore Mansion is an under-construction residence in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Due to its remote location and bunker like walls, it has been the source of numerous conspiracy theories. At 72,000 square feet, it has even been called the Pensmore Castle. Concrete magnate Steven Huff, however, denies that it will be anything other than a home for his family.


Amalienborg (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Amalienborg (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Located in Copenhagen, Amalienborg is the 285,244 square foot home of the Danish Royal family.


Wentworth Woodhouse (Wentworth, UK)

Wentworth Woodhouse (Wentworth, UK)Source: bbc.com

Aside from royal residences, this is the largest private mansion in the United Kingdom. With an east front of 185 meters (606 feet), it has the longest facade of any country mansion in Europe.

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