25 Biggest Lies Told On The Internet

These days it can be hard to distinguish what is true and what isn’t. These are the 25 biggest lies told on the internet.

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Internet Explorer users have lower IQs

internet explorer

In 2011 CNN, BBC, and other prominent news sources reported that a survey of 100,000 internet users showed that Internet Explorer users had lower IQs. It was eventually proved, however, that the survey never happened and the firm that conducted the research was a sham.


Bonsai Kitten

bonsai kitten

This 2000 hoax involved a website showing you how to grow your own kitten in a jar so that its bones would conform to the shape of the container. The spoof site was created by an MIT student and after some very audible public outcry it was take down.


Manti Te'o and his dead girlfriend

manti te'o

Not long ago NFL player Manti Te’o was celebrated for playing well in a football game after both is grandmother and girlfriend died. Apparently, however, Manti (as well as all of us) was fooled because his girlfriend was just a prank.


Bald for Bieber

bald bieber

After a photoshopped image of Justin Bieber began making rounds on the internet a number of Bieber fans ended up shaving their heads and posting pictures online under the hashtag #baldforbieber.


Gigantic camel spiders in Iraq

camel spider hoax

In 2004 an email circulated asking people to be sympathetic to American troops not just because they were away from families in a dangerous war zone but also because they had to deal with enormous hybrid spiders that could run 25 miles per hour and jump several feet in the air. Not surprisingly it was another internet lie.

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