25 Best Cities For Young People To Live In

Young people can be dynamic, free-spirited, idealistic and carefree as well as goal-oriented, driven and practical. Some prefer to leave their hometowns to study in other cities or even other countries and perhaps move around again after obtaining a college degree. It normally depends on their financial capability or just their need to be independent and less restricted. Nevertheless, there are cities like these 25 best cities for young people to live in that are more accommodating to a young lifestyle.

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Helsinki, Finland

25 Helsinki, Finland_tnhttp://conversations.nokia.com/

Except for a 100 day winter, the capital and largest city in Finland will give you nothing but a livable environment, employment opportunities, and a mostly balanced climate. For those who want a laid back lifestyle and are familiar with European languages, this is the perfect spot.


Zurich, Switzerland

24 Zurich, Switzerland_tnhttp://eyp.ch/

Although it may seem overwhelming to live in one of the wealthiest cities in Europe; if you’re a business graduate willing to develop your German speaking skills and you have plans of making it big in your field, then Zurich is right for you.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

23 Buenos Aires, Argentina_tnhttp://paradiseintheworld.com/

The Paris of South America is not only one of the 20 largest cities in the world, it is also one of the three alpha cities in Latin America and hosts the most competitive marketplace in the region. A fusion of economic, political and cultural influences make up this global city. For the bookworms, it’s good to note that this part of the world is called “the city of books” and every April it holds one of the top 5 book fairs in the world aptly called the Buenos Aires International Book Fair.


Perth, Australia

22 Perth, Australia_tnwww.australiaperth.com.au

Listed as the world’s 9th most livable city in 2012 by the Economic Intelligence Unit, this largely suburban city offers some of the best beaches in Australia.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

21 Amsterdam, Netherlands_tn[email protected]

Like many of the most livable countries in the world, this alpha world city is the commercial and cultural center of the Netherlands and ranked 2nd best city to live in in the world. It should go without saying, but while it is well known for its red light district and its less-than-honorable activities, Amsterdam with all its diversity has much more to offer.

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