25 Abnormally Large Animals That Really Exist

Although when you think of large animals you probably imagine dinosaurs or woolly mammoths, there are lots of enormous creatures roaming our world today. In fact, some of the biggest animals in history are alive at this very moment. So get ready because from rabbits the size of dogs to crabs bigger than humans, these are 25 Abnormally Large Animals That Really Exist!

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Ocean Sunfish

Ocean SunfishSource: nationalgeographic.com

This flat fish is the largest bony fish in the world. Note: bony fish are any fish that have bones rather than cartilage. Most fish fall into this category. It is also the largest group of vertebrates.


Chinese Giant Salamander

Chinese Giant SalamanderSource: bbc.com

You’ll never guess where this salamander lives….that’s right, China! Unfortunately, however, they are endangered because they are considered a delicacy. And also, they are hunted for use in traditional medicines.


Polar Bear

Polar BearSource: defenders.org

The polar bear is the largest land carnivore alive today. It’s followed very closely by the brown bear. Just remember though, if you meet a brown bear…play dead. If you meet a polar bear…well, run? Note: The saying goes, “If it’s brown lay down; if it’s black fight back; if it’s white good night.” (Don’t mess with polar bears.)


African Bush Elephant

African Bush ElephantSource: nature.org

The largest living land animal has no natural predators although the calves can be attacked by lions and crocodiles. As adults, they can grow up to 11 tons!


Blue Whale

Blue whaleSource: nationalgeographic.com

It’s the largest known animal in history. In fact, just its tongue weighs as much as an Asian Elephant (2.7 tons), and its heart is about the size and weight of a Mini Cooper.


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