20 Intriguing Facts About Working Out

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Apart from the belief that exercise is a reliable way to lose weight, maintain a nice physique, and having a healthy heart, there are many more benefits to gain from exercising. For example, exercise helps you to relax your mind and body and thereby reduces stress.

Regular exercise is the key, however, instead of irregular or intermittent exercise. Consistency – as with most things in life – is vital to success when it comes to working out.

This list of 20 Intriguing Facts About Working Out will help you discover that working out is the simplest and least expensive gift you can provide for yourself. At the same time, you’ll find it incredibly valuable.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your running shoes and get out jogging … once you’re done reading this list, that is.



Workout helps control your cravings


If you think that exercising regularly makes you want to eat more, you’ve got it all wrong. High-intensity exercise may actually decrease food cravings, according to several new studies.

According to science, after just an hour of running, the parts of the brain that control your appetite will light up when viewing low-calorie foods.


The ten-minute "rule"


Even 10 minutes of exercise will help raise your heart rate and maintain fitness levels.

It may not sound enough to some of you, but science actually reassures us that 10 minutes of exercise per day is all we need in many cases.

Sorry, fellas, it looks like the excuse of not having enough time to work out doesn’t work anymore.


Water is an essential


Some of you may think “nothing’s new here,” right? When we work out and get tired, we get thirsty and need to drink water.

Well, things aren’t as simple as they may seem. Being dehydrated reduces exercise performance, like, big time.

Our ability to perform athletically can decline with a very small amount of dehydration, according to science. For that matter, losing just  2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease your performance by up to 25%.


Fast walking makes the difference


People often consider walking more of a recreation than a sport, believing it less beneficial to your health compared to “real” exercise.

What these people seem to forget is that exercise is not measured solely in sweat. If included as part of a routine fitness plan, walking can get your heart pumping, muscles working, and fat burning—all of the things that a real workout is meant to achieve.

Believe it or not, walking at a brisk pace can burn almost as many calories as jogging the same distance.



Swimming is better than running


Swimming is a great form of exercise because it incorporates both cardio and strength training. Actually, it’s much better than running if you want to lose weight.

Running a mile is definitely a great exercise but swimming for a mile is simply better for you. If you can pick swimming rather than running, you are making the right choice for your weight loss workout, a fact confirmed by science.


Exercise validates that men and women are different


Many scientific experiments have shown that the average woman loses more fat than the average man during workouts. Interestingly, men tend to lose more fat than women post-workout.

In other words, science has concluded that men and women burn fat and carbohydrates in different ways.


Caffeine does help indeed


As an active adult, you probably want to enhance your athletic performance with stimulants, but without the adverse effects that can come from unregulated supplements.

Good news! Coffee contains caffeine, a natural stimulant indicated to be a safe alternative to improve that workout.

In fact, black coffee has become one of the most popular and effective pre-workout drinks, according to research.


Exercise cures hangovers


When you wake up with the telltale splitting headache and debilitating nausea of a hangover, you may be willing to try nearly anything to get rid of the symptoms.

Among the endless hangover “cures” out there, you may be tempted to try sweating out last night’s alcohol. Science promises that it will help you a lot.


Working out makes sex better


We all know that exercise is good for you and keeps your heart healthy. Most experts agree that regular workout can also add years to your life.

Exercise does something else as well; it makes your sex life better.

By exercising several times a week, you’ll not only be increasing your health but improving your sex life. Yep, regular exercise can boost your arousal!


Workout can land you a higher paying job


According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there’s usually an instant mood-enhancing effect about five minutes after you start a sweat session.

This doesn’t mean that exercising will directly make you wealthier. But it can give you a boost of confidence, which in turn can lead to a higher paying job.

For that matter, confidence can lead to many things in life that are usually achieved when you’re sure about yourself. So, yep, keep working out and trust that the promotion is coming.


Exercise may not boost your immune system


Exercise helps decrease your chances of developing heart disease. It also keeps your bones healthy and strong.

Interestingly, though, science hasn’t concluded decisively if exercises boost someone’s immune system or not.

We do not know exactly if or how exercise increases your immunity to certain illnesses. There are several theories; however, none of these theories have been proven to this day.


Sweat is your friend


Working out isn’t all about dropping pounds or prepping for your next Rocky Run. Regular exercise also gives you a healthy, glowing look and shiny skin that you just can’t get any other way.

Working up a good sweat is the equivalent of getting a mini-facial, according to science. It also reduces bodywide inflammation, helps regulate skin-significant hormones, and prevents free-radical damage.

When you exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, thwarting wrinkles.


Working out can help you beat insomnia


As we have already explained, working out is great for your body and mind. The good news is that it can also help you get a good night’s sleep.

Based on available studies, we have solid evidence that exercise does, in fact, help you fall asleep more quickly and improves sleep quality in general.

This is, of course, as long as you don’t decide to work out 15 minutes before you go to bed. Exercising too late in the day can interfere with how well you rest at night.


Working out sharpens your memory


Improving your memory is easier than it sounds. Most of think of our memory as something static and unchanging. But it’s not.

You can improve your memory just as you can improve your math or foreign language skills, simply by practicing a few tried and true memory building exercises.

A scientific study from the University of Harvard proposes that exercising, in general (not just your mind), also increases the production of cells responsible for learning and memory.


Exercising means more food consumption


There’s a common misconception that many people seem to believe to this day. Many falsely believe that people who work out and have nice bodies are starving. Wrong!!!

For that matter, they may eat more than an obese but inactive person. The truth is that a pound of muscle burns three times more calories than a pound of fat.

In other words, having more muscle than fat means you can consume more calories and thus more delicious (but healthy) foods.


Knock down the "silent killer"


Exercise plays a major role in the prevention and control of insulin resistance, prediabetes, GDM, type 2 diabetes, and diabetes-related health complications.

Both aerobic and resistance training improve insulin action and can assist with the management of BG levels, lipids, and so on. However, exercise must be undertaken regularly to have continued benefits. This includes regular training of varying types.

Most persons with type 2 diabetes can perform exercises safely as long as certain precautions are taken. Having an exercise program (or some means of increasing overall physical activity) is critical for optimal health in individuals with type 2 diabetes.


One step at a time (literally)


Like we’ve already mentioned in this list, walking is a great workout.

If you’re a stats freak and you want to hear about actual numbers to be convinced, keep the following data in mind: 200 muscles of your body are used just to take a single step forward.


Mental health boost


Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. There are people who exercise regularly because it gives them an enormous sense of well-being.

They feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives.

In fact, exercise is a powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges.


Never too old to exercise

older people exercisinghttps://inbodyusa.com/blogs/inbodyblog/strength-training-has-no-age-limit/

Despite the consequences of muscle mass loss as we age, older individuals are still reluctant to try to improve their fitness level through resistance workouts.

There’s the false belief that after years of inactivity, they are too old to pick up a dumbbell. But with the right mindset, anyone can set goals to improve their body composition.

If you’re nearing or past retirement age, you’ll still find that exercise will improve your energy level. Regular workouts will help keep you active long into your golden years.


Music doesn't help as much as you may think


Many people listen to music while working out, but that doesn’t mean music helps them in any way.

According to several scientific studies, there is no difference in power output between working out with or without music.

Music is awesome and life without music would be boring and dull. However, it is a false impression that music improves performance in strength exercises.

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