10 Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Plane Tickets

Posted by , Updated on August 28, 2023

Most travellers are aware that last-minute flight bookings cost a fortune. When looking for a competitive price, you may find a favourable one in the morning, which you will find doubled later on. Generally, airlines change their airfares multiple times a day to fill seats.

Travel professionals and leading travel websites advise you to book flight tickets earlier for low fares. Nevertheless, what is always difficult is finding cheap flights. Though the time of booking tickets matters, how far ahead you are, is certainly an essential aspect. To help you, here are a few things to consider when booking flight tickets to save money every time.


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  • 1. Plan to fly on a weekday when fares are cheaper

Some days of the week, like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, are cheaper to fly. Furthermore, finding flights midweek yields attractive deals and discounts. There’s a chance that Thursdays will occasionally offer a good deal as well.

Mondays, Fridays, and occasionally Sundays are the days that are typically the most expensive. Monday through Friday are when most business travel takes place, which typically prompts airlines to increase fares on tickets for travelling on Monday and Friday.

Finding the cheapest days to fly has become simpler with numerous online booking websites offering an airfare calendar with different fares for a week or month. Take careful consideration of your flight timings as well. Consider whether you can reach the airport in time before choosing a 6 a.m. or earlier flight, which may be less expensive.

  • 2. Buy early-bird flight tickets

Finding affordable airfares begins with planning. This is not to say that you will not be able to locate last-minute deals, but when you plan ahead, you will have more flexibility and choices to find low-cost flights. For instance, you need to start checking the fares in August or September if you want to fly in May or June.

The airfare will be very low three to six weeks before your trip, and it will quickly increase in the final three weeks before your departure. We typically see an increase in fares when the flight departs within two to three weeks. Therefore, it is better to book air tickets from four weeks to three or four months before departure of the flight.

  • 3. By air tickets individually

Airlines generally provide several fare classes with a few seats in each at different fares. If you want to book four tickets to travel as a group and you find only two seats left in the lowest tariff class, the automated system will give you the higher fare class for all four tickets. Nevertheless, the website can display a lower price if you search for each ticket independently. One of the travellers can save money if not all of them.

  • 4. Use incognito mode when looking for tickets

One of the key strategies for finding low-cost flights is to remain anonymous when searching for low-priced tickets. Prices for flights change according to demand. Airlines determine ticket prices based on information about the number of people looking for and buying airline tickets.

Hence, you can discover that the cost rises when you have your eye on a specific flight and have been checking back. The airline is attempting to charge you more with a higher price since they know you may possibly buy it.

By removing your search cookies, you can prevent this. Then, once your browser history has been cleared, check for any changes to the pricing. You can also search on an incognito browser for the lowest airfares.

  • 5. Sign up for promotions and price alerts

To get the most affordable flights, you must be persistent. If it is not possible, you can sign up for email promotions and low-price alerts on a reputable travel website to be notified whenever there is a sale or discount on airfare. If they do, you should purchase tickets right away because great deals are rarely available for long.

  • 6. Save on arrivals or departures from alternate airports

When it comes to flying to a major city, you may find some airports located close to it. For instance, Egypt has major airports like CAI, ASW, and LXR, which visitors can choose to reach Cairo. Considering that prices may differ greatly depending on the airport you pick, it is crucial to consistently compare prices. However, you should consider whether the savings from travelling to a different airport are worth enough.

  • 7. Go for a travel credit card

It is recommended to obtain a credit card that comes with travel benefits if you enjoy travelling. There are several options available nowadays without an annual charge, allowing you to accrue points on your regular purchases that can be redeemed for free flights.


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Credit cards with travel rewards can assist you in accumulating points or miles that can be redeemed for discounted airfare, accommodations, and other travel costs. The other benefits are insurance coverage, airport lounge access, free checked baggage, and extra bonuses offered by some credit cards.

  • 8. Opt for a last-minute flight travel

While planning is essential for finding low-priced flight tickets, sometimes last-minute offers can be even more advantageous. Consider looking at rates to see what is available if your travel dates are open and travel quickly.

The options are typically few, but occasionally you get to have the best offer at the last minute.

  • 9. Join a frequent-flyer programme

With a frequent flyer programme, you have an opportunity to accrue miles and points and use them to reserve further tickets, upgrade flights, and shop for gifts.

Use the points and miles accumulated to pay for hotels, rental cars, travel insurance, and flights depending on the programme. These programmes frequently offer bonus points that can be utilised to accelerate the accrual of points or to receive further savings on travel.

  • 10. Watch out for hidden costs on low-cost airlines

Don’t be tricked by costs that look absurdly low when buying cheap flights, especially with budget airlines. There are hidden expenses associated with many promotional offers. Some of the factors that can increase the cost are baggage fees, seat preferences, and air taxes.

Always double-check your purchase’s inclusions before making a reservation. Verify to see if any needless extras are included. If you find any, search for more affordable but suitable flight tickets.