The 25 Best Movies Ever Made

Posted by on March 6, 2012

If you have seen our list of the 25 worst movies ever then you know how laughably bad cinema can be. Due to popular request, however, we have now decided to take a look at the other side of the coin. By referencing the ratings page on IMBD (Internet Movie Database), where viewers vote on the top 250 movies of all time, we determined the 25 best movies ever made according to popular opinion.

Silence of the Lambs

A sleeper hit that has over time gained widespread acclaim, Silence of the Lambs is only the third film in history to win Academy Awards in all the top five categories.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

Giving birth to one of the most popular action heroes of all time, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark won four Academy Awards and set a new standard for special effects in action movies.


Rear Window

Considered by many critics to be Alfred Hitchcock’s best film, Rear Window has been referenced numerous time in popular culture and has been added to the National Film Registry due to its being culturally and historically significant.


Once Upon A Time In The West

An Italian Spaghetti Western directed by Sergio Leone, Once Upon A Time In The West followed the seemingly popular pattern of having a very negative reception at the box office only to go on and achieve legendary status among the greatest films of all time.



A Wachowski brothers masterpiece, The Matrix has been widely regarded as one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever and besides influencing the genre heavily it set a new standard in Hollywood for action fight scenes with its now famous “bullet time” effect.



With a release that was rushed to coincide with the Allied invasion of North Africa, Casablanca was not expected to be a major blockbuster. This World War II drama, however, went on to win three Academy Awards including Best Picture.


City of God

This Brazilian crime drama is based on the true story of gangs and their rise to prominence in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Cidade de Deus (City of God). It was critically acclaimed for its depiction of the events and many of the actors were even from the suburb itself.


Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope

Kicking off what would become one of the most influential science fiction sagas of all time, A New Hope paved the way in terms of special effects and set the precedent for the new age of big budget blockbusters that would follow.



Directed by Martin Scorsese, Goodfellas is often considered to be one of the greatest mob movies ever and was the inspiration behind David Chase’s popular HBO series The Sopranos.


Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

The first of two Lord of the Rings films on this list,Fellowship of the Ring became famous among fans and critics alike for being the most faithful adaptation of Tolkien’s book.


Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai chronicles the story of a village that hires seven rogue samurai to protect them from bandits. It is the highest grossing Japanese movie ever and one of only a few Japanese films to ever make it into western cinema to any significant extent.



Receiving wide critical acclaim for its originality, score, and visual effects, Inception won numerous awards and has possibly the most disputed ending of all time.


Fight Club

As one of the most controversial and talked about films of the 1990s, Fight Club had an incredible impact on popular culture and almost overnight Tyler Durden’s line, “The first rule of Fight Club is – you do not talk about Fight Club” became one of the most popular quotes of the decade.


Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

After struggling through the production phase and being released to mixed reviews, The Empire Strikes Back eventually crept its way up to become not only the most popular film in the Star Wars Saga but also one of the most highly regarded films of all time.


One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Only the second film to win all five major Academy Awards, it wasn’t until almost twenty years later thatSilence of the Lambs followed suit. One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest was actually regarded as being so good that in some Swedish movie theaters it was shown for a mind blowing 11 years straight.

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  • Bryan Foreman

    Where is Happy Gilmore?

  • Luna Black

    Schindler’s list
    Cinema Paradiso
    Waste Land
    Pam’s Labyrinth
    Perfume: the story of a murder
    The Secret in their Eyes
    Mary and Max
    The Passion of Christ
    The Piano
    Let the right one in
    The Kite Runner
    Leon: The Professional
    The sound of Music
    Start Wars
    Pirates Of Caribbean
    Fight Club

  • mustwatch movies

    Well buddies…. Worlds brightessst movies are here:-
    The Raid
    A millionares first love
    X men series
    Iron man series
    city hunter series
    Man in black series
    Indiana Jones series
    Terminator 3 only
    Wolvorine series
    Rush hour series
    and many others……

  • Will

    All this guy did was copy the imdb top 250 except he only included the top 25.

  • mick hucknell

    stand by me…platoon..Memphis belle

  • Debra H

    Where is “The Departed” that movie was awesome.

  • wtf

    What about A Christmas Story!?

  • jacob

    I would but these as the top 5 on the list-
    1. dances with wolves
    2. fight club
    3. one flew over the cuckoos nest
    4. drive
    5. silence of the lambs

  • brooke brashier

    Obviously Grease was one the best movies of all time and its not on this list. It was made in 1978 and is still an all time favorite.. still being watched and recreated regularly

  • Vince m

    You have obviously never seen casino if you think good fellas a movie about a rat is the best mob movie

  • Malissa

    This is the stupidest list ever!
    Where’s Titanic? Wizard of Oz? Jay and Silent Bob(kidding on that one), but seriously wtf man!

  • Ray LEcuyer

    All these movies people are mentioning , Are mediocre . Great movies are , JAWS , EXORCIST , GOODFELLAS , DIRTY HARRY , maybe even paths of glory.

  • The cinema Nerd

    You are in drugs?here is the REAL list of greatest or/and innovative movies,in ORDER.

    1. The Good,the bad and the ugly
    2. Oldboy
    3. Clockwork Orange
    4. Pulp Fiction
    5. Once upon a time in the west
    6. Godfather
    7. Fight Club
    8. Metropolis
    9. Monty Python and the holy grail
    10. The Matrix
    11. The dark knight
    12. The killer
    13. Terminator 2
    14. Seven samurai
    15. Mullohand dr
    16. Seventh Seal
    17. Annie Hall
    18. Manhattan
    19. A tale of two sisters(original)
    20. Requiem for a dream
    21. Happiness
    22. Citizen Kane
    23. For a fistful of dollars
    24. Psycho
    25. Natural Born Killers

    • Ray

      You are saying 2 movies , For a few dollars more and fistful of dollars.

  • vick

    Where is Harry Potter man

  • VIshal

    Where’s Vertigo ?
    Then ,
    Clockwork Orange
    Requiem For a Dream
    Harry potter (kidding about this)

  • Badass motherfucker

    True and very good list. But i was disappointed to not see se7en in it.
    Enjoyed reading comments of stupid harry potter fans who think hp is greatest. Lol.