25 Strangest Things Found in an X-Ray

Posted by on February 28, 2013

While normally x-rays reveal things like broken bones or fluid filled lungs, every once in a while they expose something a little more strange. How strange? Painfully strange. Get ready to cringe because on this list you’ll find everything from knives and wedding rings to cellphones and hand grenades. These are the stories behind the 25 strangest things found in an x-ray.


More Than a Toothache

Apparently Patrick Lawler thought it was just a toothache. Imagine the dentist’s surprise when he found a nail passing from the roof of his mouth all the way up into his brain.


Epic Fail Marriage Proposal

When an unnamed man from New Mexico planned on proposing marriage to his girlfriend he hid the ring in her milkshake. Unfortunately for him she must have been really thirsty that day and his proposal was obviously delayed until the ring completed its journey.


Knife Plunged through the Head

When a trio of young men waiting on a bus tried to stop a robbery back in 2008 one of them ended up with more than he bargained for. He was completely coherent though and made a complete recovery.


Killed with a Nail Gun

Back in 2008 when investigators concluded that Chen Liu was in fact killed with a nail gun no one argued with their findings.


A Pair of Scissors inside the Abdomen

When Australian Pat Skinner came back to the hospital 18 months after surgery complaining of stomach pain the doctors found something they’d lost over a year ago…their surgical scissors!


Arrow Inside the Head

After a child in China was accidentally shot in the head with a bow and arrow it pierced through his eye socket and went into the back of his skull. Despite the the close call he still somehow managed to survive.


Scissor for a Toothpick

Apparently someone in China borrowed a pair of scissors to clean their teeth after a meal and  swallowed them by mistake when a friend told a joke and they laughed.


Burmese Python vs Electric Blanket

This 12 foot Burmese python from Idaho needed surgery in order to remove the electric blanket and entangled wires in his gut.


A Soldier with Nerves of Steel

In spite of a knife penetrating 4 inches into his head just above his eyebrow this soldier still somehow managed to survive the operation with any difficulties.


The Knife Swallowing Puppy

This 13 inch serrated knife blade somehow got lodged between the stomach and esophagus of a St. Bernard puppy in Florida for nearly 4 days before surgery was finally performed to remove it.


Light Bulb from Below

Is there an easy way to get a light bulb stuck in your large intestine?  When doctors from Pakistan removed the light bulb from a prisoner he had no explanation and seemed just as baffled as everyone else.


Cellular Phone Inside the Colon

While the lightbulb doesn’t really make any sense, a cellphone, well, at least we could see a reason for this x ray to exist. Taken in a prison in San Salvador this shows just how much some people are willing to endure in order to stay connected.


Drill through the Head

When construction worker Ron Hunt fell from a ladder while drilling on an elevated surface his drill went ripping through his eye socket and out the back of his head. Amazingly enough he survived.


Cobblestones in a Love Quarrel

For some reason a girl in China swallowed over 20 cobblestones when she got upset with her boyfriend thinking that eating and drinking would eventually flush them out. She was wrong.


Keys on the Face

Although we’re not sure how this could happen without child services getting involved, 17-month old Nicholas Holderman somehow ended up with mom’s keys penetrating through his eye socket and into his skull. Fortunately he made a full recovery.