25 Plastic Surgeries Gone Wrong

Posted by on August 13, 2013

Ambrosia is just a figment of man’s ambitious imagination as the quest for immortality continues. Other than the fact that some people need plastic surgery for practical aesthetics like facial reconstruction after accidents or due to congenital abnormality, every single reason to enhance any part of a person’s body is largely due to the need and want, or perhaps addiction, to become either perfect or just what they envision themselves to look like. Even if it’s an investment of some sort, if you end up like any of these 25 plastic surgeries gone wrong, it’s an investment not worth making.
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24 Tori-Amos-Before-and-After-Plastic-Surgery_tn
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22 jenner_tn
Carrot Top
20 melanie-griffith-plastic-surgery_tn
19 barry manilow_tn
18 sylvester stallone_tn
17 Li'l Kim_tn
16 shauna-sand-plastic-surgery-before-and-after_tn
15 Daryl-Hannah-Plastic-Surgery_tn
14 LARK_tn
13 Mary-Tyler-Moore-Plastic-Surgery_tn
12 Joan Van Ark plastic surgery_tn
11 maria geronazzo_tn
Elaine Dimdam


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  • Kanna-Chan

    #16, she was gorgeous in the before photo. Why did she do such a thing to herself?

  • mally

    number 2 is plastic surgery gone right

  • Dan O

    It has to be remembered that a lot of these people look this way due to age. Age gives us ALL a facelift, as it were, whether we like it or not. The people near the top of the list OBVIOUSLY had plastic surgery, however, and it makes me sad to think that there’s people that are that unhappy with their appearance (when they looked fine beforehand) that they have to mar their faces like that. They wind up looking worse than what they had originally!

  • Gregg

    #8 the Pre photo is Dannii Minogue the second photo doesn’t look anything like her

    • l

      it isnt dani, thats why.. :P

  • Paul

    #8 is Michaela Romanini, an Italian scocialite. Ciao.

    • Paul

      I meant socialite.

  • John

    Also who is No. 16?

  • John

    Who is no. 24?

  • http://club.cqwb.com.cn/data/attachment/forum/201203/28/134956qiidl6gxvnnkqivo.jpg Sharon

    Number 8 – a better before and after pic…

    She is NOT Danni Minogue, but there are loads of before and after pics out there with Danni Minogue as the before pic!

  • rashmi

    how did michael jackson’s surgery go wrong?

    • anon

      how come do you think it is right?
      i promptlly recognized that the former picture is a human, race black, nice guy sweet natural smile.
      the later remind me instantly to the “rise of the planet ape” movie and i’m not being sarcastic

    • Carriebobo

      because he looks so ugly after it

  • Amanda

    Why does lil Kim look Asian? That’s not her. Nice try though

    • K

      Yeah, actually it is her, I’ve seen a number of shots from that event. She really does look that awful now.

  • Naomi

    Come on guys, number 8 is Dannii Minogue.. in the before picture.. definitely NOT Dannii in the after. Who makes these?

  • kevin bonaparte

    I love your top 25 list my favorite is the urban legend one I was if u can make few other lists like top 25 greatest female porn stars of all time, top 25 greatest comic-book superheroes, top 25 haunted places, or top 25 greatest comedians.

    • http://jcgator1.wordpress.com Juan Castillo

      Thank you Kevin :). The porn star list may be a bit difficult for us to do (we try to keep things R rated :) But we do have The 25 Most Powerful Superheroes of All Time which you might be interested in checking out and we also have 25 Cemeteries That Will Scare You Out Of Your Skin and 25 Creepiest Places On Earth. As for the 25 greatest comedians, that could be an interesting list. Ill have to pitch that :). Thank you for checking out our lists, and let me know if you come up with any more list ideas, I would love to hear them :).

      • Rahul Parashar

        Thanks for all the articles guys :)

        This is certainly one of the best and hilarious one.

  • Sam

    Nice compilation! However who is the girl in picture number 8. The girl on left has a remarkable resemblance to Dannii Minogue. And am pretty sure she still looks the same and has never been under a knife. Are you sure you have the right pic?

    • Sam

      Change pic #8 guys. It’s a bad data :p