25 of the Coolest Beaches in the World

Posted by on June 13, 2012

If you enjoyed our list of breathtaking Caribbean getaways then you are sure to be a fan of this one as well. While it can be hard to define what makes one beach better than another, we tried to include a wide variety in our list. With everything from red sand to black sand, from tropical to temperate these are the top 25 best beaches in the world.


Maya Bay, Thailand

After Leonardo DiCaprio filmed The Beach here tourism skyrocketed as people flocked to catch a glimpse of its rare beauty.


Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

As one of the most famous beaches in the world Waikiki can certainly get quite crowded, especially considering how short it is. In spite of that, however, it provides some amazing views of Diamond Head and Honolulu.


Surfer’s Paradise, Australia

Known to locals as “Surfer’s” it should come as no surprise as to where this popular Queensland Beach got it’s name.


Negril, Jamaica

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As one of the largest and most well known beach resorts in Jamaica you’re sure to get your share of rest and relaxation as you take in the laid back atmosphere.


South Beach, Miami

Starting out as little more than a coconut farm, this world famous beach is now known for its vibrant nightlife and has become a popular international tourist destination.


Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Also known as the “4km beach” this stretch of sand is not only famous for its numerous hotels and restaurants but it also plays host to the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup most years.


Natadola Beach, Fiji

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Located on the Fijian island of Viti Levu this white sand beach offers numerous activities including horse back riding, boogie boarding, and petanque.


Tenerife, Canary Islands

With over 12 million visitors annually, this small island has not only some of the best beaches in the world but also the third largest volcano on Earth, Mt. Teide, which makes for some amazing views.


Langkawi, Malaysia

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Meaning “land of one’s wishes” this beach paradise was once reputed to be a notorious pirate hideout.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

With sparkling sand and blue water the “arm” of Massachusetts attracts thousands of visitors to its National Seashore. It’s also not that hard to get to the well known islands of Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket from here.


Nungwi, Zanzibar

Found near the north tip of Zanzibar this white sand beach off Africa’s east coast is dotted with fishing villages and is home to a diverse variety of marine life.


Aroa, Cook Islands

Although it takes forever to get to this place, the scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling make the journey well worth it.


Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Famous for its mile long strip of pink sand, this uniquely colored beach is a popular getaway for those who want more nature and less of the tourist resort feel.


Whitehaven, Australia

This 7 km stretch of beach on Whitsunday Island in Australia has been labeled one of the cleanest in the world. The sand here consists of 98% pure silica which also means it’s insanely white.


75 Mile Beach, Australia

Running most of the length of Fraser Island this beach doubles as a highway/runway. Although it is extremely beautiful the currents are dangerous and the Tiger Sharks are plentiful so bathers beware!

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  • ehlaeiii

    where is BORACAY? Try to search it on google for us to know what beach is really the top 1 ….
    also try palawan beaches in the PHILIPPINES

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W19mxwZNDL8 Stefano

    And Sardinia? These are the most beautiful beaches in the world ;)

  • Michael Morgan

    Amazing sights. I’ve only to a handful of these beaches, but they’re all amazing

  • Pinoy XD

    ahhmm.. el nido beach is also great but i think boracay can go to top places,, boracay is the most popular beach in the philippines and the most wonderful..

  • Dmitri

    Hawaii has the best beaches in my opinion, because of the beautiful landscape, and it has so much to offer. There are some flat white sand beaches with calm, clear waters like Florida, there’s some beaches with darker water because of huge waves, with golden sand like California, there’s pink sand beaches like in the Caribbean, and also red, black and even green sand beaches that nowhere else really has. SO much to offer! And the water is always between 77-82F, just right. My favorite beach is Kailua-Lanikai. SO PRETTY!

    I think Grace Bay in TCI, Siesta Key in Florida, Coronado in California and also Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic deserved somewhere on this list. Coronado has fine white sands and you can watch the Navy doing exercises in the sea and on land. Siesta Key has the nicest sand in the world, with warm and calm emerald waters. Grace Bay has calm clear water with white sands-so pretty. And Punta Cana is lined on the beach with hundreds of Coconut Palms bent over the calm periwinkle sea, with soft white sands.

  • jer Davis

    I love St. MARTEEN. Casablanca & admiral’s lounge. 2for1 drinks all day. Beautiful women,casinos scenery.

  • Tshepo

    You have to have Cape Town in South Africa

  • Flynn Dunbavan

    Maho Beach is No.1! Called it!

  • James Smith

    Not as well known, but Panama City, Florida has pure white sand, crystal waters and is rarely as crowded as most of the beaches named here. I have been to many of them and Waikiki in Hawaii shouldn’t even have received and honorable mention. Copacabana in Rio is nice, but Leblon beach, a few blocks from it is less crowded, safer, and just as good.

  • hotfreak

    I can’t believe Cancun is not even considered in these ranking!!! It has by far the best sand in the world!!

  • eddie

    yee! el nido philippines! :D

  • James Smith

    Panama City, Florida has the most pure white sand beach I have even seen, even more than the one in Hawaii. I lived there for several years and couldn’t get enough of it.

    Now, I live in João Pessoa, Brazil and the beach here, while not pure white is one of the best swimming beaches in the world. The surf is never very high and being about 450 miles south of the equator, the water is fine any time of the year. Never being crowded is also a big plus.