25 Most Impressive Magic Tricks Ever

Posted by on September 27, 2013

There is something mystical about magic that always captivates the imagination. Magicians have a special ability to magnetize an audience with flashes, style, and presentations. We can’t help but to be big fans of those who do tricks that can fool the eye. Then again, some of these presentation are so shocking, grandiose, and astounding that they leave you wondering; “Are they really tricks?” If you are a skeptic, you may just become a believer after watching these 25 most impressive magic tricks ever.


David Blaine “Frozen in Time”

On November 27,2000, millions of viewers all around the world watched David Blaine as he performed one of his most dangerous magic tricks covered on a TV special. He was encased in ice for 63 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds before being removed. The ice was transparent and it was proven that he was inside the ice the whole time. After he was removed out of the ice, he was in a disoriented state and needed hospitalization.


In 1983 Copperfield was able to make the Statue of Liberty disappear on live television. He raised a giant curtain covering the entire statue and when he lowered it again a few seconds later the place where the statue stood was empty. As a bonus, Copperfield even pointed searchlights at the empty space in order to show that there was nothing blocking the way.


Illusionist Cyril Takayama had the world gasping when he performed the illusion of removing his head. He is a famous magician in Japan with a French descent. To the rest of the world he is known for his signature magic trick where his head falls off his shoulder; it’s a stunt that never ceases to scare the audience.


David Copperfield is in the list again for being able to come up with a brilliant illusion despite not having any technological gadget around during his time. He was able to show himself levitating in the Grand Canyon, a feat that is next to impossible.


Magic is not just about the final result but about the presentation and creativity. Aside from being the fastest magic illusion performers; the Pendragons are also creative and are able to truly entertain the viewers.


Richard Ross was well received by the audience due to his impressive stage performance. Viewers loved his amazing array of hand tricks with rings and other props. Check out this short clip to see one of his ring acts.


The magical performances of David Blaine which aired on TV garnered high ratings due to their impressive results. One of these performances was the impressive act in which David Blaine was able to turn coffee inside a coffee cup into money which he then gave to the beggar holding the cup.


Derren Brown is a highly regarded mentalists. He is able to perform memory feats, hypnosis and has been able to display highly developed mental abilities including mind control and clairvoyance.


Lance Burton is famous for his numerous tricks and has the world’s longest tenured magic show. He started performing magic at the age of 5 and continues to astound the world for his innovative magic tricks.


There are a lot of magicians performing the swallowing of a sword trick, but it is not as elaborate as the swallowing of a round concrete drill while the engine is running. Audiences were stunned when this act was shown on German television.


Penn and Teller perform the bullet catch; a trick in which they are able to capture the bullet fired by each other. The bullets are often marked by the audience in order to recognize them again. This trick is deemed legitimate by experts.


It is an intense trick that can lead to death, Hans and Helga Moretti is considered two of the best illusionists in Germany and guests are left guessing what will happen next. People who are watching are sure to feel tense.


Houdini was an impressive illusionist and was able to perform insane tricks. In this trick he is suspended in mid-air while his ankles contain a restraint brace. Houdini will then be lowered in the glass tank with overflowing water and locked in. Will he make it out alive?


Although levitation tricks has already been done by David Copperfield, the tricks of Criss Angel are astounding, he performs it on the street with his audience just a few feet away from him which makes the illusion even more convincing. While some believe that he was really floating on air, Criss explains that it is just a simple trick.


Illusionists Penn was able to impress the people with his trick using a truck by literally rolling over Teller without hurting him. The camera was focused on the action but it made use of an elaborate trick to make the illusion work for all the world to see.