25 Most Expensive Yachts Ever Built

Posted by on May 10, 2012

We’ve already brought you the 25 most insane concept yachts on Earth. Unfortunately, however, you won’t see too many of those on the water…they’re just concepts. The yachts you are about to see on the other hand, have nothing conceptual about them. They are the largest, most lavish toys on the planet and not surprisingly they belong to some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. These are the 25 most expensive yachts ever built.


Meteor YachtPrice: $46 million

Coming with novelties like a fireplace and a library, as amazing as this yacht is it’s absolutely nothing compared to the rest of this list.


Le Grand Bleu

Le Grand BleuPrice: $90 million

The first of what seems like an entire fleet owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abromavich, the Grand Bleu is actually one of the more modest yachts on this list.



TatooshPrice: $100 million

Owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, Tattosh is currently on the market so for those of you with a couple million dollars just lying around…



AnnaliesePrice: $103 million

With 15 staterooms this megayacht can easily hold over 50 people not including the crew.



AlysiaPrice: $116 million

The prized possession of Greek businessman Andreas Liveras, this yacht comes with a number of toys including private decks and an outdoor jacuzzi.



AmbrosiaPrice: $119 million

This isn’t the first yacht on this list owned by an undisclosed billionaire (this time from Hong Kong), but it is a good bit cheaper than the rest.


Maltese Falcon

Maltese FalconPrice: $120 million

With 5 staterooms and a submarine this sailing yacht owned by Elena Ambrosiadu of IKOS asset management in London is the largest in the world.



PelorusPrice: $130 million

According to the rumors, a majority of the bodyguards on Roman Abromavich’s (the Russian Billionaire) yacht are former British Special Forces.



EosPrice: $150 million

This yacht owned by Diane von Furstenber, the famous fashion designer, allegedly features an enormous sculpture herself on the deck…vanity level 1000.


Project Mars

Project MarsPrice: $161.8 million

Originally built by Fincanteri, the Italian shipping yard, this megayacht comes with swimming pools, a spa, and a designated business area.



OctopusPrice: undisclosed

Evidently running a global software company requires more than just one measly yacht. This time Paul Allen is back with the Octopus, a megayacht equipped with not one but two submarines.



EcstaseaPrice: $200 million

The only thing cooler than this yachts name is the fact that no one knows who owns it. While it was formerly in the hands of Roman Abramovich, it has been sold to an undisclosed buyer.


Al Salamah

Al SalamahPrice: $200 million

Saudi Arabian defense minister Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz really upped the ante when he included an indoor pool with a glass roof on this megayacht.


Rising Sun

Rising SunPrice: $200 million

With 82 rooms, a basketball court, and a movie theater David Geffen, the famous media mogul, barely needs to leave his ship.


Seven Seas

Seven SeasPrice: $200 million

Allegedly belonging to Steven Spielberg, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise as this yacht is equipped with a an infinity pool whose walls double as a movie screen.

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    Well you,he missed of ,TOPAZ, belonging to the deputy priminister of UAE, cost £400,000000 to build in 2012. I know it exists, its just sailed passed me in Corfu

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    they didn’t include my yacht

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