25 Healthiest Superfood Combinations

Posted by on July 4, 2013

Proper nutrition is about food group dynamics. Meaning, it’s about the way certain food combinations work together to give you the maximum health benefit possible. By properly combining certain foods you can lower your cancer risk, strengthen your bones, boost your immunity, and improve your skin. Take a look at our 25 healthiest superfood combinations and be sure to implement these in your diet.


Grilled asparagus with shaved parmesan


Asparagus is a great source of Inulin, the type of fiber which balances the levels of the good bacteria in the digestion process. Parmesan, of course is a type of cheese and is rich in calcium for your bones. Inulin in asparagus enhances calcium absorption. These two healthy treats make a good combo since they work together for a healthy tummy and stronger bones.


Avocado in salsa


Want a power packed fun snack combination? Try salsa and avocado. While salsa alone is a good healthy choice, this pairing gives you up to four times more cancer-fighting lycopene and almost three times more immune-boosting beta-carotene.


Broccoli-cheese omelet


This trio promotes sturdier bones since they’re fortified with Vitamin D and calcium. To break it down, the Vitamin D in egg yolks helps the calcium in broccoli and cheese to be absorbed by the body. Studies also report that it doesn’t only promote the strengthening of the skeletal system, it also helps women get less crankier in their pre-menstrual days.


Cantaloupe with yogurt


The vitamin A in cantaloupe helps ward off viruses. However, when you pair that with foods that are high in zinc (Like yogurt), it helps the body use almost 100 percent of the nutrient.


Iron fortified cereal and glass of orange juice


Eating iron-fortified cereal helps in enhancing your energy. Pair that with a half cup of orange juice, and you have a combination that increases the amount of iron absorbed sixfold.


Dark chocolate with raspberries


Dark chocolate is known for having a host of health benefits. Pair it with raspberries and you’re not only satisfying your sweet tooth but you’ll also keep your heart smiling since the pairing boosts the antioxidant potency of chocolate.


Edamame and Miso Soup


Edamame or soybeans contain prebiotics which is essential in the production of good bacteria. Drowning it in fermented foods like Miso soup not only gives the beans its tang but also works to fight gastrointestinal infections and improve digestion.


Spinach and avocados


Spinach is packed with lutein and vitamin A, which helps in protecting your eyes from diseases. By adding avocado not only are you adding more lutein and vitamin A to the protective mix but you are also providing the healthy fats which your body needs to absorb the nutrients.


Greek yogurt, chocolate, walnut, and wild blueberry parfait


With the calcium and prebiotics from yogurt and brain nutrients from walnuts and wild blueberries, it’s no wonder this sweet cup of heaven would not only tickle your tastebuds, but nourish your body from head to toe, inside and out.


Green tea with lemon


Squeezing a lemon into green tea creates five times more catechin, a heart-healthy antioxidant, for your body to use.


Tomatoes and olive oil


Tomatoes are one of the main sources of lycopene; powerful antioxidants which can help prevent sun damage. To reap an exponential benefit from tomatoes, coat them in olive oil. The healthy fats in the oil allow lycopene to be better absorbed by your body. Not to mention olive oil has its own skin rejuvenating abilities.


A teaspoon of Peanut Butter and a glass of Milk


Drinking milk while snacking on a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat like peanut butter helps increase the absorption of vitamin D in your body.


Whole wheat bread with peanut butter


Peanut butter doesn’t just go well with milk. Try smearing some peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat bread to increase the effectiveness of the intake of protein.


Peanut butter and sliced strawberries on a piece of toast


OK, so were on a peanut butter kick (probably because paired with just about anything can make peanut butter a super combination). Try dipping strawberries into peanut butter for a delicious protein rich, Vitamin E and C packed snack; a combination that can help prevent macular degeneration (which is a major cause of blindness).


Roast pork and Brussels sprouts


Selenium is the star mineral in pork which is a cancer fighting antioxidant in the body. Pairing roasted pork with veggies that are rich in sulforaphane (like Brussels sprouts) increases the mineral’s potency up to 13 times higher.