Top 15 Villain Deaths – Ranked

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Villain deaths, done well, can be one of the most satisfying aspects of a film. In every good movie you’ll find memorable characters, an interesting plot, cool action sequences, and a despicable villain. In some cases, the best films have a villain that is more interesting and complex than the protagonist. Moviegoers seldom remember weak villains who either fail to raise the stakes significantly for the hero or don’t receive their comeuppance in a satisfying way. Thankfully, Hollywood has provided more than a few villains who’ve met their end in a truly awesome fashion. These baddies pushed the good guys to the brink and suffered painfully for it. Behold, the Top 15 Villain Deaths – Ranked!


Hans Gruber


“Die Hard” is a classic ‘8os action flick that features an everyman cop, John McClane, facing off against terrorists who’ve taken control Nakotomi Plaza. The leader of those terrorists is Hans Gruber who manages to take control of the building and take McClane’s wife, Holly, captive. In the final showdown between the German thief and the off-duty cop, Gruber holds Holly at gunpoint and demands McClane surrender his machine gun. McClane drops the gun, but has a pistol strapped to his back that he quickly retrieves to shoot Gruber and his henchman. The gunshot hits Gruber, causing him to crash through a window while still grasping Holly’s arm. McClane quickly helps his wife by undoing the clasp on her watch resulting in Gruber plummeting several stories to his death. Gruber’s shocked reaction as he falls to his doom is priceless.


Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul

Ra’s al Ghul defies death in “Batman Begins” thanks to Bruce Wayne’s intervention at the beginning of the film. But Ra’s exacts revenge on the Batman, who destroyed his mountaintop home, by burning down Wayne Manor and unleashing a powerful fear toxin in Gotham City. Amid the chaos, both villain and hero, engage in mortal combat on a speeding train high above the Gotham’s streets. Ra’s eventually pins down Batman and seems poised to win, but is unaware that Commissioner Gordon has destroyed the oncoming train tracks with the Tumbler. Batman informs his former mentor that he’s forgotten to “mind his surroundings” before he escapes the careening train car, leaving Ra’s to die as it crashes below.


Colonel William Tavington

Colonel William Tavington

“The Patriot” is an underrated movie set during the American Revolutionary War which follows the exploits of Benjamin Martin played by Mel Gibson. Martin wants to stay neutral in the conflict between the colonists and the British. But one of the redcoat leaders, Colonel Tavington aka The Butcher, decides to shoot Martin’s youngest son in the back. The death sets Martin into a vengeful fury and Tavington only continues to provoke him at every turn. The cold villain later kills his eldest son and his fiancé. When they finally meet on the battlefield, Tavington appears to have the upper hand on Martin–ready to deal the killing blow with his sword. But Martin ducks at the right moment and skewers the Butcher with a bayonet in the torso. Then he finishes off Tavington with another bayonet through the throat. A cruel fate for a cruel man.


Count Rugen

Count Rugen

In the “Princess Bride,” audiences are introduced to the memorable Inigo Montoya who has singular mission in life—to avenge his father by killing the man responsible for his murder. That man is Count Rugen, a sadist in the employ of Prince Humperdinck. In the climactic scene of the movie, the critically-wounded Montoya slashes the villain’s cheeks and stabs him in the upper arm. Rugen begs for life, offering Montoya anything he desires. But Montoya thrusts his sword into the count and tells him all he wants is his father back.


Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt

Jabba the Hutt is literally one of the slimiest villains on film. The fat slug alien traps most of the main characters in his palace and laughs at their misfortune. Princess Leia suffers the most humiliating fate as she’s force to don a skimpy outfit as one of Jabba’s prisoners. When Luke Skywalker thwarts Jabba’s attempt to drop him in a Sarlacc pit, Leia seizes the opportunity to take down her nasty captor. She chokes Jabba to death with the same chain that holds her prisoner and ends his villainy forever.

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