The Cube Timer: My Essential School Year Companion

Posted by , Updated on January 8, 2024

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy wrapping up tests and projects before the holiday break. It can’t come soon enough, right? Today, I’m here to tell you about this awesome Cube Timer and how it’s been an absolute game changer for my insane midterm study sessions! Trust me when I say that you’ll be putting this one on your wish list this holiday season (or maybe just buying one right away).


It allows me to plan tasks according to chunks of time.

time chunks

First off, the biggest plus to using this tool has to be the fact that it really helps me section off chunks of time for very specific tasks. When I have too much on my to-do list, it’s very difficult to focus on any one task. Instead of being productive, I end up thinking about how overwhelmed I feel, and quite honestly, my brain just short circuits; I end up doing nothing but internally exploding. *Insert mental images of turning tables, burning school books, screaming…*

The Cube Timer allows me to mentally focus on ONE thing at a time. I set the timer for, say, 20 minutes and focus on just one task. When the timer goes off, I know it’s time to switch to another task. After all, your brain can only focus on one thing for so long before it stops working efficiently.


It helps set a good study environment.

a blue cube with white wings and a halo

Okay, this might seem kind of shallow, but bear with me on this one. Have you noticed how cute the Cube Timer is? You can get it in natural bamboo wood, green, red, purple, and several other colors.

Why is the color important? Because your study space is important.

Listen, if you like color and pizzazz, you have to make those things work for you. I know it may sound super silly, but if you like, for instance, purple, try taking study notes on purple paper. (Just don’t turn assignments in on colored paper; most teachers WON’T appreciate it!) Trust me, you’ll be a happier midterm-crammer if you can look at things that make you happy, even if it’s as simple as the color purple. Purple paper, purple Cube Timer, all your books, you’re good to go!


It helps with my writing process.

woman writing

So, you may not love writing, but if you’re in school, writing well is an absolute necessity. Any good, experienced writer or teacher will tell you that one of the most important things to know about writing is that it’s not a one-stop shop; it’s a process! One of the biggest parts of that process is the brainstorming process. You can’t write well if you don’t know what you’re going to say. Regardless of how you brainstorm, whether it’s freewriting, clustering, listing, or whatever, you don’t want to skip it.

What really helps me brainstorm is by setting a short period of time on my Cube Timer, like 5-10 minutes, and just coming up with as many ideas as possible within that time, without judging whether the ideas are good or bad, without worrying about grammar or spelling, without worrying about organization… When that Cube Timer goes off, I know it’s time to stop brainstorming and start looking over my ideas to see which ones I should run with.


It helps with practice tests.

practice test

One thing I hate about taking tests is that they are timed. Before using the Cube Timer, I was always nervous about finishing my exam in the allotted time. Now when I feel ready to practice, I can practice with my Cube Timer. If I know the test only allows 45 minutes, it’s important for me to practice taking the test within that time limit.


It reminds me to take breaks and stick their limit.

take a break - woman sitting on the couch with coffee

One of the most important ways the Cube Timer has become a school-survival tool is that it reminds me to take breaks! As I mentioned earlier, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed with my to-do’s. Sometimes, I get so focused on school work that I forget to do other life essentials like eat or stretch my legs. It’s super easy to get totally burnt out during this time of the school year, so taking a break is necessary self-care.

With the Cube Timer, I know that after a couple time chunks of work, it’s time to set a chunk of time for a well-deserved break. My brain, body, and soul always thank me for it, and yours will, too! Just don’t forget to set a time limit for that break…otherwise, you might not come back.

Good luck with the rest of your term!

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Photo: 1. shutterstock, 2. shutterstock, 3. shutterstock, 4. Shutterstock (modified with picture of cube timer via Amazon), 5. shutterstock