25 Best Movies Ever Made

Trying to decide which movies are the best movies ever made is difficult. Because let’s face it, the film is one of the most glorious entertainment and art mediums ever happen to the human race. It’s one invention of many that we cannot live without!  

In the realm of movies, no one is excluded. Whether it’s a child whose imagination is limitless, the hopeless romantic, epic tales from history, or documentaries about the real world around us, there’s something for literally everyone. 

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Film History

Films have a way of uniting us, of giving us an outlet for emotions we didn’t even know we needed to express, and giving us a simple and enjoyable escape for a few hours. They broaden our horizons, deepen our imaginations, relieve stress, and at their best, give us a glimpse into our true selves, as we see them reflected in some part on screen. Needless to say, many films also carry life-changing messages in them.

The movies on this list may not be your favorite, but they all have had an impact on culture and filmmaking.  With input from critics, history, and a love of the medium, here are our 25 Best Movies Ever Made.

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