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  • 25 Cheapest Cities In The United States

    25 Cheapest Cities In The United States

    It seems like the cost of living only gets higher as time passes by. Cost of housing has sky rocketed (especially in cities like New York and San Francisco) with food and transportation costs following suit. Is there a reprieve to the madness? Maybe. Believe it or not, there are cities that still boast of […] More

  • 25 of the World's Wildest Waterparks

    25 of the World’s Wildest Waterparks

    Summer is officially upon us. For most of us, the word conjures up images of sandy beaches, flip-flop tans, and sweltering hot days spent splashing around in the water. For thrill seekers, sometimes the best part of summer is the feeling of plummeting down a waterslide into a chlorinated wonderland. Whether you’re a daredevil or […] More

  • 25 Ridiculous State Laws

    25 Ridiculous State Laws

    Have you ever juggled? If you have, chances are you don’t live in Hood River, Oregon, where juggling without a license is illegal. Yep, that’s right. Illegal. It turns out the United States is home to some outrageous laws. From Alabama to Wyoming, every state has at least one law that will make you shake […] More