5 Best EZ Go Golf Cart Chargers 2024: Review & Guide

Posted by , Updated on October 24, 2023

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EZ Go has come a long way in the manufacture of electric golf carts. It’s the efficiency and the progressive technology used in the making of these cars that draw the masses to the brand. The carts are no longer just limited for use on the golf course; they can be your primary method of moving around your large acreage, a business park or on the streets in a neighborhood with less traffic. This review finds out the best EZ GO golf cart chargers that will help you minimize downtimes with your vehicle.


Buying guide for EZ Go Golf Cart Battery

Golf cart batteries do not work the same way as car batteries.  Your car battery gets to charge as you drive, but for a golf cart battery, it drains when you use the vehicle. A golf cart battery charger helps to reenergize the cart when it’s not in use so you can have enough power next time you want to use it. For a long time, I struggled with overcharging on my EZ Go golf cart. Even with models that promised to solve this problem, my batteries’ life span didn’t seem to improve.

Another challenge with some models I encountered is that they always had very complicated functionalities with no sufficient user instructions. I had to find a small and reliable golf cart charger to get the most from my golf cart batteries.

If you find yourself in that same shoe where your EZ GO cart batteries falter after a short time, you can use the below criteria to find the right charger. It worked for me, and now I no longer need to replace batteries after every few months.

Watch the amount of voltage

If your charger has more or less voltage than that of your golf cart batteries, you stand the risk of overcharging or undercharging it. These are the things that reduce battery life. So before you start shopping, find out what your vehicle’s battery voltage is first.  Majority of EZ GO carts use 36 V or 48V batteries.

The plug should match your cart

If the charger has the wrong pin, it won’t fit into your cart. Look for a charger whose pin matches the one on your cart’s battery system.   EZGO golf carts only work with crowsfoot or D-style plugs.

LED indicator lights are essential

You should have some level of oversight when the battery is charging. That includes knowing when it is not charging so you can rectify a fault and knowing when it’s fully charged so you can unplug it to prevent overcharging.

That’s only possible if your charger has LED indicator lights.

LCD display

It shouldn’t be the reason to disqualify potential models, but if you find a charger with an LCD display, go for it. This display will tell you the number of amps being supplied to the battery and the time remaining to full charge, among other details.

Versatility will help you maximize the charger’s value

The best EZ Go golf charger is also compatible with other cat models or other lead-acid batteries. Some models use algorithms to allow free use of the charger on many different battery types.

Long cords might be convenient

The right EZ Go golf cart charger comes with long charging cords and wall outlet cords. The two long cables will allow you to charge your vehicle without having to pack it close to the wall outlet.

There is a time for fast charging and a time for trickle charging

Trickle charging helps to preserve battery life. You can leave the vehicle plugged overnight for use in the morning. On the other hand, fast charging can save you the frustration when you can’t wait for slow charging.

Some chargers enable both of these functionalities. Find such a model.

Best EZ Go Golf Cart Chargers

[amazon link=B07C67DV6T title=”1. Lester Summit II Battery Charger 36V/48V” /]

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The Lester Summit II Battery Charger 36V/48V comes with a Yamaha 2-Pin Plug and 8.5 Ft. DC Cord. These complimentary accessories can make things easier on your budget. The battery charger can work as stationery, or you can install it on board on your 36-48V EZ Go Golf Cart.   This charger is also compatible with any other cart that uses the D-Plug, a factor that increases its versatility when you have a fleet of carts.

Lester Summit II automatically monitors charge status. It will stop charging, with no human assistance, once your golf cart batteries are full.  That can be a good thing such that you don’t have to stick around to unplug it. It prevents overcharging. Another inclusion you might find helpful on this EZ Go golf cart charger is the LED light indicator. This light lets you know when or not the battery is charging, and when it is done charging.

The Lester Summit II Battery Charger 36V/48V also features a sturdy build. It’s heavy-duty, weighing 13 pounds. Together with its rugged design, this battery charger might be able to withstand the abuse of time. Another noteworthy fact about this EZ Go Golf Cart battery charger is that it comes with a Bluetooth app for mobile devices. Through this interface, you might be able to see how your vehicle battery is charging even when you are a great distance away.

Lester Summit Pros & Cons


  • It ready to use with a 9-foot cable and a D-shaped plug
  • It has a high voltage compatibility range; can work with any vehicle of 36V or 48V
  • The auto-stop feature prevents batteries from overcharging


  • Its weight may encumber portability
  • Long charging time

[amazon link=B01INP3PJG title=”2. EZGO TXT/ MEDALIST 36-V Battery Charger with Powerwise Plug ” /]

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This 36 volts EZ Go golf cart charger features automatic start capabilities. That means that once you plug it into your low charged battery pack, it automatically starts charging.

The electronic switch will also turn off charging once your battery reaches full charge. These features prevent faulty charging and overcharging when you are not standing close by. Additionally, this battery charger has a crowfoot connector. This design inclusion makes the charger adaptable to both standard household power and 240V sources.

The manufacturers of the EZGO TXT/ MEDALIST 36-V battery charger state that the device is suitable for overnight charging. The charge time is 4- 6 hours. This trickle charging function might be good for the lifespan and performance of your battery in the long run. It also reduces the risk of overcharging the battery.

Just like the Lester Summit II EZ Go golf cart charger, this model also comes with a lights indicator that shows the charging status.  This feature helps you ensure that the battery is charging when you leave it on through the night.

Other features of note on this golf cart battery charger include reverse polarity and short circuit protection, which will help safeguard your battery in those same conditions.  The two-speed cooling fan, on the other hand, prevents overheating. The charger also automatically turns itself on after a power interruption.



  • It’s lightweight and portable (13lbs.)
  • Automatic on and off switch
  • It includes protection from short circuit and reverses polarity
  • Trickle charging might save battery life


  • Not ideal for when you need fast charging

[amazon link=B079TB842B title=”3. EZGO TXT High Performance 36V 18 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger ” /]

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This golf cart charger is suitable for 36V EZ Go golf carts.  It comes with a powerwise connector which to an extent helps with its usability.  The 18 Amp battery chargers use a multi-stage charging. It enables fast charging that will get you back on the road faster than the previous models in this review.

This charging system also has a float charge feature that enables overnight trickle charging.  The float charge mode might also be what you need to safeguard the battery against overheating or short-circuiting. Its universal design might also enable it to work on any other golf cart battery.

EZGO TXT Pros & Cons


  • Fast charging
  • Compatible with many other golf carts
  • Has a trickle charging feature to protect battery life
  • LED display for charge status


  • The cords it comes with are short
  • Its charging performance may not consistent
  • It takes a while to start charging when plugged in

[amazon link=B00DHRFKX0 title=”4. 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger – EZGO RXV Connector ” /]

[amazon box=B00DHRFKX0 title=” “]

This Accusense charger features metal and plastic parts.  It is meant for 48 volts EZ GO golf carts with the RXV connector.  This charger can also use the IEC input connector, making it compatible with many other types of golf carts.

According to the manufacturer’s, this is a smart charger that uses multi-stage charging algorithms. If that works as expected, you should be able to get fast charging with this model.  Another programmable feature on this EZ GO golf cart charger is the automatic connection and reconnection before and after complete charging. This functionality helps to reduce the risk of overcharging.

This charger can also work on AGM and Gel batteries, owing to the multistage charging algorithms on its microprocessor. The LED indicator included helps to notify users about the charging status. The trickle charging mode comes on automatically when the battery is nearing full charge. This aspect helps to conserve energy and preserve battery cell strength.

Alongside that, the Auto Restart feature helps to warm up batteries that have been stored without charge for long. Something else I find beneficial on this Accusense EZ GO golf charger is that its Selector feature enables one to use the charger on any other lead-acid battery. The charger can manage both large and small golf cart batteries.

48 Volt Golf Pros & Cons


  • Small and lightweight It allows you to select different algorithms to find one that matches your golf cart brands
  • It has four charge modes – bulk, absorption, and float, and recharge for cats that sit unused for long
  • Flashing LED light lets you know charge status, and therefore preserves battery life by helping you avoid overcharging and undercharging


  • Might not be useful for charging completely drained batteries
  • Durability is not assured, performance might drastically drop after a few months of use

[amazon link=B07NPWP1FH title=”5. MODZ Max36 15 AMP EZGO TXT Battery Charger for 36 Volt Golf Carts ” /]

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Just like the Accusense 48 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger, the MODZ Max36 battery charger uses an integrated microprocessor for smart charging on golf cart batteries. This functionality gives you more control when charging your 36 V EZG golf carts.

The plug type is SB-50 Anderson for the marathon models of EZ Go carts. It uses a D style Powerwise plug that is synonymous with many EZ GO golf carts. The automatic switch technology included also helps with unassisted charging; it turns on by itself when plugged in and off when the battery is full.

Also,   the LED indicator is easy to read so you can tell whether it’s charging or not. This Max 36 EZ Go battery charger also uses a ‘plug and forget’ feature. This one helps to keep your batteries alive when you plan on storing your cart for long without use.

There will be little charge trickling through to the batteries over a long time without damaging the cells.

The contraption weighs 7 pounds and has a small footprint. It is therefore highly portable compared to other chargers in this review. The construction is what I would call rugged. The aluminum casing here might give you some considerable degree of durability.

MODZ Max36 Pros & Cons


  • Small and lightweight
  • Comes with SB-50 Anderson plug
  • The plug and forget smart technology helps to maintain battery life
  • The LED status indicator is easy to read


  • Might charge slower than you expect
  • You might find the cords to be a little shorter

The best pick

The [amazon link=B00DHRFKX0 title=”DPI 48V golf cart charger with EZGO RXV connector” /] stands out as the top choice in this review. This charger has algorithms-driven functionalities for slow charging, fast charging, and compatibility with several golf cart brands.

Better still, the automatic connection feature ensures immediate charging when plugged in. The automatic reconnection feature, on the other hand, allows continued charging after an AC interruption.

The LED indicator helps you know the charging status. This charger, therefore, checks right on most of the principles in our buying guide.