25 Ways Baby Boomers Have Screwed Over Younger Generations

It seems that no matter the year, there’s always been a generational divide. For whatever reason, older and younger generations just can’t get along.

It’s a situation we find ourselves in today. Baby Boomers label their younger counterparts as lazy, entitled, and easily offended. And let’s not forget about all the things Millenials have “ruined” for society. Needless to say, Baby Boomers have been vocal when it comes to their disdain for the younger generations.

Recently, we as young people have also started speaking up. After all, we can find more than a few things that Boomers got wrong.

Today we point the finger back at Baby Boomers and shed light on their mistakes. These are 25 Ways Baby Boomers Screwed Over Younger Generations.

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Replacing Entry-Level Jobs with Internships


Back in the day, when Baby Boomers were first entering the workforce, it was easy to find an entry-level job with little to no experience in the field you were entering. These days, it’s much harder.

Gone are the days of getting a job in your field fresh out of high school; now we have full-time unpaid internships. While Boomers didn’t create internships, the concept of working for experience didn’t come about until the eighties, after Boomers had taken control of the job market.


Making It Difficult to Enter the Workforce


These days you’re lucky if you can get a job without years of experience on your resume, but it wasn’t always like this. Boomers were able to get jobs fresh out of high school and make enough money to support their families.

The same doesn’t go for younger generations. Most Boomer employers want people with a degree and years of experience, something that younger generations just haven’t had the chance to gain.


Not Increasing Wages


Boomers will be the first to tell you how much they made when they were your age and that was enough. What Boomers fail to understand is that the amount they made back then doesn’t amount to the same in today’s economy.

Instead of increasing what’s required to make a living wage, Boomers seem to be content with the fact that younger generations often have to juggle multiple jobs just to scrape by.


They Worked Too Much


Say what you will about Baby Boomers but their work ethic is extreme. They would often work long into the night, getting paid for overtime. They worked so much that the number of hours we work has become a benchmark of success in American culture.

Science has proven, however, that people are more productive and have better mental health when they work measured hours. Working less isn’t something that’s acceptable in the culture that Boomers helped create.


Treating Younger Generations Poorly


There’s a lot of hostility between Baby Boomers and younger generations … that’s no secret. While the hostility isn’t one-sided, most younger generations’ qualms with Boomers come from a place of frustration about how the world is today.

On the other hand, most of the complaints younger generations get from Boomers is that we just don’t do things the way they want us to.

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