25 Unique Potato Chip Flavors Worldwide

Posted by , Updated on December 22, 2023

We all know that potato chips are not the healthiest food, but we still love it (or at least most of us do). The tiny slices of potato, baked or deep fried are popular all around the world. While some people prefer them plain others like their potato chips flavored. There was a time when flavors like sour cream and sweet onion were considered weird for potato chips but compared to what you can get now, it is absolutely ordinary and dull. From octopus to peppermint, check out these 25 crazy potato chip flavors from around the world.


As a special limited series for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, British snack food manufacturer Walkers made potato chips with English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding flavor.

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Australian potato chips producer Red Rock Deli came up with the original flavor blending sweet and salty tastes in their Honey Soy Chicken.

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Sounding like totally incompatible combination in the Western world, blueberry potato chips is one of the most popular flavors in China.

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Russians prefer their Lay's potato chips dusted in red caviar flavor.

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Asian nations are famous for their fondness for sea food and they successfully incorporated this ingredient even into their potato chips. Hot Chili Squid is a popular flavor in Thailand.

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The Czechs love mushroom picking and making all kinds of food from it. No wonder their leading potato chips producer recently came up even with mushroom-flavored chips.

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In 2013, the nation-wide contest to develop a new flavor of potato chips in Canada was won by a crazy flavor combining two Canadian icons – maple syrup and moose.

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If you have ever fancied trying crab potato chips, you should visit Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Russia where these chips by Lay´s are very common.

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Considered the national dish of Ireland, it comes as no surprise that the Irish stew became a favorite flavor for potato chips in this country.

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Seaweed potato chips by Pringles catch your attention not just because of the name but also color and taste. Available in Thailand and a few other Asian countries, they are brightly green and taste more sweet than salty.

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It's still kind of a mystery how borsch, a hearty beetroot soup from Ukraine, made it to a potato chip flavor by Japanese snack food produced Calbee.

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Lemon tea potato chips. Yes, you read it right. What sounds like extremely bizarre flavor to us is a pretty common thing in China.

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It;s hard enough to imagine eating potato chips while drinking coffee but Cappuccino potato chips? Really?

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Since potato chips flavored with chili and lime are quite popular in Western world, other fruit flavors do not have to be bad either but mango chips just seem to be weird.

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After eating too much garlic or onion potato chips, have some mint-flavored ones for fresh breath. To try them out, you must visit India.

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Pringles has also experimented with the ingredient usually found in chewing gum or toothpaste. In 2012, Pringles chocolate peppermint chips invaded grocery shelves.

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Some of you already know that the Japanese love octopus from the post about the craziest ice cream flavors we recently published so it shouldn’t be surprising that octopus-flavored potato chips is another popular delicacy in this country.

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Those who like Bloody Mary and don’t want to give up on their favorite cocktail even at work should appreciate the Spicy Bloody Mary flavored chips by California Kettles.

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The word “extreme” in Pringle’s Xtreme Screamin´ Dill Pickle chips refers not only to the unusual combination but also to the overwhelmingly sour, vinegary taste.

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If mango or blueberry potato chips were not bizarre enough for you, what about a kiwi flavor? If you guess it is another Chinese specialty, you are right.

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When it comes to flavoring potato chips, the Chinese creativity really seems to have no limits. Forget boring garlic or onion and try these cucumber chips.

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For those who didn’t like the chocolate peppermint potato chips by Pringles, there was a second chance – Cinnamon and Sugar flavor, a limited edition for fall and winter 2013.

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Cajun Squirrel, another crazy flavor by Walkers. The thing is they said that no squirrels were harmed in the making of these chips so how could they know that it tastes like this little unfortunate animal?

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Slovakia Chips, a major snack food producer in Slovakia, has recently come up with Niva-flavored potato chips. For those who would like to try it, we should add that Niva is something like very smelly and pungent Blue cheese.

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Real, a potato chips producer from South Wales, UK specializing in hand-cooked products became famous for their Roast Ox Crisps.

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