25 Unbelievable And Inspiring Acts Of Forgiveness

When tragedy happens by the hands of another human being, is difficult not to become bitter at the culprit or even at humanity itself. However, a deep wisdom tells us that forgiveness is the correct answer to such horrid situations. Nevertheless, that does not make forgiveness any easier and it is for this reason that these 25 unbelievable acts of forgiveness are so astounding (especially in the light of the atrocious horrors some of these people faced).

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Nobuo Fujita and the town of Brookings

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A Japanese soldier named Nobuo Fujita set off bombs on the coastal range of Oregon during World War II. Later in life, he felt the need to revisit Brookings, the small logging town whose surrounding forests he had bombed, and ask them for forgiveness. As a humble act of regret and a plea for forgiveness, Fujita presented to the town a 400-year-old samurai sword that had been handed down in his family from generation to generation. The town forgave Fujita, hung the sword in the local library and even named Fujita an “ambassador of good will”.


Stephen Owens

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After witnessing the death of his father at the hands of his mother and a hired hit man, Stephen Owens resented his mother to the point that for 13 years owens refused to visit her in jail. That all changed on Aug. 23, 2009 when Owens decided to visit her in jail. A three hour emotional conversation ensued ending with Owens finally expressing forgiveness.


Brandon Biggs


Gregory Glenn Biggs, 37, lost his life in a bizarre and cruel way by the hands of an intoxicated driver named Chante Jawan Mallard. The accident, found Biggs lodged in the windshield of Mallards car, who then proceeded to drive to her house, park the car in the garage, and leave the man in the garage to slowly die. Medical examiners found that if Biggs would have received medical attention, he would have survived. As outrageous as this true story is, it’s even more outrageous that someone would forgive such actions. But that is exactly what Brandon Biggs; Gregory Biggs’ son did for Mallard.


Amy Biehl’s Family

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Amy Elizabeth Biehl was a white American graduate of Stanford University and an Anti-Apartheid activist in South Africa who was murdered by black Cape Town residents while a black mob shouted anti-white slurs. One of many incidents of general lawlessness on the NY1 road, Amy was pulled out of her car, stabbed and stoned to death. Nevertheless, Amy’s parents; Linda and Peter, after struggling through their daughter’s death, and understanding the political situation that they claimed, took their daughter, forgave the killers and proceeded to establish a nonprofit agency; the Amy Biehl Foundation in order to help South African youth.


Immaculee Ilibagiza

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During the Rwandan genocide in the mid nineties, the entire family of a woman named Immaculle Ilibagiza was murdered in a massacre. Her life was spared because she and seven other women hid in a small bathroom during the ordeal. Immaculee chose to forgive the people behind the death of her family because she felt that bitterness and hatred would only destroy her. She went on to write a best selling book entitled “Left to Tell” and founded the Left to Tell Charitable Fund in order to help children who have been orphaned due to genocide.

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