25 Tragic Stories Of Brilliant Inventors Killed By Their Own Creations

Have you ever wanted to be an inventor? It may seem easy – just come up with something useful and new and spend the rest of your life enjoying the money you get as a reward. Well, in fact, it hardly works like this. Being an inventor is not easy at all. Things can go wrong, the ground-breaking idea might not be that ground-breaking, the inventions can break or don’t work as the designers thought, and, ultimately, the inventors can even get killed by the very ideas or things they brought to life. Unfortunately, this really happens. If you don’t believe, check out these inventors killed by their own creations.

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Michael Dacre

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Dacre was a British test pilot and aviation pioneer notable for his invention called the „flying taxi“ designed to provide fast and affordable travel between regional cities. He died in the plane when testing it 150 miles north of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft fell to the ground and the huge explosion that followed claimed the inventor´s life.


Haroutune Krikor Daghlian, Jr

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Born in 1921 in Connecticut, Daghlian was an Armenian American physicist who worked for the Manhattan Project (research and development project that produced the first atomic bombs). He accidentally irradiated himself in August, 1945, during a critical mass experiment at the remote Omega Site facility in New Mexico. He died just 25 days later.


Wan Hu

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According to a Chinese legend, Wan Hu, a sixteenth-century local government official during the Ming Dynasty, had ambitions to travel to the Moon by means of a special chair he designed with 47 attached rockets. This might have been true since the use of rockets has been reported all the way to the 13th century in China. After lighting the rockets, instead of shooting the ambitious government official into the air, the rockets exploded, killing the official.


Abu Nasr Isma'il ibn Hammad al-Jawhari

www.businessinsider.sg 12-the-author-of-a-10th-century-arab-dictionary-leapt-from-the-roof-of-a-mosque-and-attempted-to-fly-with-two-wooden-wingswww.businessinsider.sg

Born in today Kazakhstan, Jawhari was an author of a notable Arabic dictionary containing about 40,000 entries. Another thing which made him a well-known person in Arabic history was his attempt to fly with wooden wings. He leapt from the roof of a mosque in the old town of Nishapur and fell to his death.


Li Si

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Li Si was a famous legalist, calligrapher and influential Chancellor of the dynasty of Qin in China, between 246 BC and 208 BC. Li Si is also thought to be the inventor of a terrifying torturing method called the “Five Pains” (or “Five Punishments”). According to this brutal method, a victim’s forehead was first branded; then the nose was cut off; following that, the feet were cut off; then the victim was castrated; and finally executed. However, after the death of the emperor, Li Si was executed by his own invention.

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