25 Toughest Action Heroes in Movie History

According to a respectable number of people, action/adventure movies happen to be the best way to spend a couple of hours, simply because their greatness is in their ability to entertain, not present a skewed view of reality or make you think harder than you should. Maybe that’s why when an action movie hits all the right notes it is usually far more entertaining than a good drama, romance, or “food for thought” film. In reality, all a good action movie needs is great special effects, a catchy scenario, and, of course, an “action hero” that the plot will revolve around. The action hero is the kind of protagonist that mainly uses his fists and feet to achieve his goals in life. If there’s something in his way, his first and main response is to beat the hell out of it. Any problem can be resolved through the application of a fist really, as long as it is to the right (bad) guy’s face. And the funniest part is that we all pretty much have a favorite hero, whether his name is Arnie, Bruce, Sly, or Chuck. The following 25 guys and gals might not have a PhD in physics or mathematics, but they can definitely give you a lesson on how to kick or punch without regret or second thoughts. These are the 25 toughest action heroes in movie history.

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They LiveSource and Image: imdb.com

George Nada is the main protagonist in John Carpenter’s classic They Live. He is a quiet man, but with a lot on his mind, more than likely his feelings on how life is dealing him a bad hand. So it becomes more of an insult to him when he discovers that the wealthy elite and anyone in authority is actually an alien out to decimate and enslave the human race. So what does he do next? He rocks a pair of shades that tracks down the aliens and delivers some serious butt-whoopings.


John Matrix

Arnold SchwarzeneggerSource and Image: imdb.com

John Matrix (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a retired Delta Force op who gets really pissed when the bad guys make the huge mistake of kidnapping his daughter in a desperate attempt to force him to assassinate a South American dictator. Why didn’t they just ask him politely? Now Matrix is after them and the worst part is that Chuck Norris is on vacation and can’t help them.


Chance Boudreaux

Jean-Claude Van DammeSource and Image: imdb.com

Chance Boudreaux is an ex-serviceman, a former Special Forces operative, back home from the Merchant Marines, in trouble for back dues and striking a superior, and is just plain down on his luck. Jean Claude did some serious butt whooping in this role, plus he had one of the most ridiculous and hilarious mullets in movie history.


The Bride

Kill BillSource and Image: imdb.com

Beatrix Kiddo, known as “The Bride” to you and me, was an elite assassin and member of the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad (DVAS). Her code name: Black Mamba. That was then, though. The Bride wakens from a four-year coma and the child she carried in her womb is gone. Now she must wreak vengeance on the team of assassins who betrayed her—her own team. So she wears a super-cool yellow jumpsuit a la Bruce Lee from Game of Death and she handles business.


Bryan Mills

Liam NeesonSource and Image: imdb.com

An ex-CIA spook played by Liam Neeson in the Taken trilogy is the kind of father every male child wishes he could have had. However, we must all agree that having your daughter kidnapped not once, not twice, but three times could be considered bad parenting.

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