25 Strange Names For Groups Of Animals

Posted by , Updated on July 19, 2017

We all know that a group of cows is a herd and a group of fish is a school but what about a group of cockroaches? Unless you work at the city zoo or have done extensive field work in the African savanna you will probably be surprised by some of the names on this list. From murders to cackles to coalitions these are 25 strange names for groups of animals.

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A Court of Kangaroos


The level of sociability among kangaroos varies drastically with some, usually the larger ones, preferring to live alone.


A Business of Ferrets


Ferrets are extremely social creatures and unlike their ancestors, known as Polecats, will happily live in large groups.


A Scourge of Mosquitos


Although their level of sociability remains questionable as they typically only live a maximum of several weeks, mosquitoes do form larges swarms typically for the purpose of mating.


A Sleuth of Bears


Bears are highly advanced social animals as they form hierarchies among themselves and create structured relationships.


A Conspiracy of Lemurs


Usually residing in groups as small three, some lemurs form conspiracies that number up to twenty five.

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