25 Spooky Halloween Recipes That Will Delight Your Tummy

Autumn: the time of year when the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and we can finally turn off our air conditioning, open the windows, and turn on our ovens. While the “Holiday Season” technically starts with Thanksgiving, in the US, the “Eating-Delicious-Things-Season” starts with Halloween. We’ve assembled a list of 25 Spooky Halloween recipes for cooks of any skill level, including a few things little hands can help with. We’ve also added a few vegan, paleo and gluten free options so that everyone can have a treat, no tricks. Without further ado, here are 25 Spooky Halloween Recipes That Will Delight Your Tummy.


Spider Eggs: Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs

eggs_wasabi_deviledSource & Image: http://familyspice.com/

Blueberries are the secret ingredient to make these eggs spectacularly spooky looking, while the combination of wasabi and avocado give them a creamy kick. A perfect bite to have waiting at home after Trick or Treat, the protein in the eggs will help offset any sugar crashes later in the evening.


Eye Popping Cake Pops!

Bakerella_cakepops_eyeballsSource & Image: www.bakerella.com/

An eye catching treat, these eyeball cake pops will make your guests do a double take. You can even use red velvet cake for an extra surprise inside. Perfect for wrapping up and handing out at the office or to classmates. Check out Bakerella’s other Halloween posts for great ideas on more treats and how to decorate a devilishly delicious holiday table.


The Perfect Fall Cheese Ball

Pumpkin_cheeseballSource & Image: www.familyfreshmeals.com

A quick and pretty appetizer, this pumpkin-shaped cheese ball will appeal to children and adults alike (because who doesn’t like cheese?). It can even be made a day ahead and garnished right before serving, giving you less time in the kitchen the day of your party.


Spiced Rum Cupcakes With Boozy Buttercream.

Spiced-Rum-Cupcakes-with-Boozy-ButtercreamSource & Image: http://www.sugardishme.com

Shiver me frostings! These cupcakes are definitely for the adult table, but don’t hesitate because of that. Spicy and sweet with the magical kick of dark rum, these cupcakes are perfect for any swashbuckling soiree or, well, any excuse you can think of. The extra cinnamon in the buttercream really gives these treats a cozy fall flavor, making these cupcakes a great any Halloween or fall party.


Blood Clot Biscuts

clotbiscuitsSource & Image: http://www.ohbiteit.com

Four ingredients and easy prep, these delicious “clots” are really biscuit dough cooked in cherry pie filling, making them suitable for Halloween breakfast. Whenever you choose to eat them, they’re a sweet and creepy dish that’s sure to make your guests hesitate for a moment before diving in (but once they do, you’ll probably need to make another batch in short order).

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