25 Simple Things Smart People Do Everyday

Smart people – they’re better than those of us who aren’t as decorated, right? Wrong. Intelligence is not limited to a degree or an experience; rather, it’s the accumulation of what we have studied in the books and learned on the streets. Smart people are dedicated and regimented individuals, persevering through the challenges of life while performing a variety of different, simple tasks every day to stay at the top of their game. In this list, we have dug up 25 of these things which smart people include in their daily schedule and their interactions with others.

Can you guess any of the items which will appear on this list? If you guessed that smart people never stop learning – whether it be reading books, attending seminars, or engaging in thoughtful discussions, you’d be right. But this list also includes a variety of other tactics which may not seem as obvious, from tuning out the voice in their heads (we all have it) to supporting others in their endeavors to pampering themselves. If you’re interested to include some of these in your daily life and boost your intelligence, check out this list of 25 Simple Things Smart People Do Everyday.


Smart people clearly connect actions and consequences. They evaluate their options rather than making impulsive decisions without regard for the result.

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It might seem like a good idea to quickly abandon a sinking ship, but smart people know that the ship might only have a small leak and can be salvaged. They practice persistence, knowing it normally gets tougher before it gets easier. Whereas other people may quit sooner along the way, smart people keep the faith and persevere.

A_runner_with_a_pair_of_running_blades_runs_past_the_2016_Invictus_GamesSource: Foundr Magazine, Image: Wikimedia

While it may seem building yourself up is the best way to advance in life, smart people focus on building others up as well. They improve the lives of others, knowing the better others are, the more they can help and boost them up.

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Modern day life is full of distractions. The demarcating line between intensely clever and only moderately clever people is how they deal with them. Intelligent people face a flurry of distractions daily but understand how to tune them out and focus on the important things.

Visitors_Watching_Smartphones_after_EventSource: Elite, Image: Wikipedia

They fail - a lot. The best growth in life comes from our failures, and we can't fail if we don't try. Smart people are relentlessly experience-driven, trying different things and recognizing that failure is a natural part of life and growth.

do not fear failure fortuneSource: Entrepreneur, Image: zstasiuk via Flickr

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