25 Shocking Facts About Snakes That You Probably Didn’t Know

The fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias people have. It is quite understandable – some snakes are venomous, capable of killing us, so fearing them is actually just a matter of instinct. However, it would be unfair to think of snakes as slimy killers only. Snakes can be also viewed as amazing animals with incredible abilities. Did you know, for example, that some snakes can fly? Or how about the snake that scares away predators by farting? To learn more about snakes, check out today’s post with 25 Shocking Facts about Snakes That You Probably Didn’t Know.

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Snakes can live in almost any environment, ranging from jungles and deserts to lakes and mountains. Snakes have been actually found as high as 4,900 m (16,000 ft) in the Himalayas.

SnakeSource: wikipedia.org, image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)

The muscles that cause a rattlesnake´s rattle to shake are some of the fastest known, firing 50 times per second on average, sustained for up to 3 hours.

rattlesnakeSource: wikipedia.org, image: https://pixabay.com (public domain)


The bite of the black mamba, one of the world´s most venomous snakes, can cause collapse in humans within just 45 minutes. Before antivenom was widely available, the mortality rate from this snake´s bite was nearly 100%.

black mambaSource: wikipedia.org

Many snakes have highly mobile jaws that enable them to swallow prey much larger than their heads.

snakeSource: wikipedia.org


There is an island in Brazil, known as the Snake Island, that arguably has the highest occurrence of snakes in the world. It is estimated that there is one snake on every 1 sq m (11 sq ft).

SnakeSource: wikipedia.org

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