25 Romantic Places To Ask Someone To Marry You

“Will you marry me”. Probably one of the scariest phrases ever uttered by an individual. It’s a combination of words that carry with it the potential of a complete and devastating rejection, or the blissful agreement of an enduring union. So much goes into this phrase: buying a ring, getting parents agreement, arranging flash choreography (if you’re into big productions); but probably one of the most important details to this potentially magical moment is location. Not only does well planned and romantic environments help set the mood for a positive outcome, but it also makes this nerve wracking moment a little bit more bearable (and arguably more memorable). If you think about it, what does every lover wants his or her proposal to be? Romantic (which will hopefully result in a “Yes”)! Few things can help make this moment more romantic than location. So, from a glowing beach in the Maldives to a spectacular flower garden in the Netherlands, we bring you 25 Romantic Places To Ask Someone To Marry You.

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At a bioluminescent beach, Maldives

MaldivesImage: www.newscientist.com (not a CC picture)

Proposing to your beloved at a beach is usually romantic enough but if you want your proposal to be really special, make it at the Maldivian Vaadhoo Island whose beach is famous for its mesmerizing marine bioluminescence display.


In Lisbon, Portugal

LisbonImage: commons.wikimedia.org

One of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is known for its romantic atmosphere, picturesque streets and red rooftops. Proposing after a little stroll in the historical center of this beautiful city is guaranteed success.


In an ice cave in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

IcelandImage: flickr.com

Few places in the world will give you the same magical feeling as the ice caves in the Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland. A proposal made in one of these caves will never be forgotten.


In Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

Antelope CanyonImage: commons.wikimedia.org

If the Grand Canyon is too touristy and well-worn for you, take your future fiance to the Antelope Canyon in north Arizona. The canyon’s flowing and colorful patterns will no doubt be a mind-blowing experience.


On Santorini, Greece

SantoriniImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Situated just about 200 km (120 miles) from Greece´s mainland, Santorini is one the most beautiful islands in the world. Its picturesque little houses with blue rooftops are a perfect background for an epic proposal.

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