25 Of The Most Powerful Comic Book Beings Ever Created

Posted by , Updated on June 20, 2024

The world of comic books bursts with a dazzling mix of super strong characters. Some, though, stand head and shoulders above the rest. These heroes and villains wield powers that leave both other characters and readers awestruck. It’s fair to say they are larger than life. Let’s delve into the most invincible figures from DC and Marvel, ranked by their sheer power. Here’s a spotlight on 25 of the mightiest beings ever to grace comic books. So, curious about who tops the list as the most formidable comic book character?




Created by writer Louise Simonson and designed by Walter Simonson, Apocalypse first appeared in X Factor vol. 1 and originated from Cairo, Egypt. He is an ancient mutant that has appeared in several X-Men titles and in 2008, was ranked as the third top villain of the X-Men series. Apocalypse boasts of a long list of powers that include super strength, telekinesis, telepathy, regeneration, invulnerability, molecular manipulation, technopathy, etc. He is definitely more than a match for any mutant in the Marvel Universe. In fact, it has usually taken more than one team of mutants to defeat him.




Also known as, Cain Marko, Juggernaut is a creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in X-Men # 12. Powered by the Gem of Cyttorak, the Juggernaut is one of the physically strongest Marvel characters. He also possesses invulnerability which is amplified by a mystical forcefield, does not tire and is able to survive without food, water or oxygen. But what places him on this list is his ability to gain full access to the power of the Gem which magnifies his already substantial power a thousandfold and enables him to alter matter, absorb energy, project energy, and create portals through space and time.




Sentry became a superhuman through the empowerment of an enigmatic professor’s secret formula and was one of the very few superheroes who were active during the years prior to the emergence of the Fantastic Four. Sentry gained new importance when the new wave of heroes became popular. His abilities and limits are unknown but he has been able to perform some impressive feats such as going toe to toe with the incredible Hulk, has flown to the sun and back in a matter of minutes, is apparently invulnerable, and has even fought against Galactus (and brought him to a stalemate).




Created by Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, and Andy Kubert, Onslaught first appeared in X-Men # 15. He was a sentient psionic character that blossomed from the union of Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier’s consciousness. His powers are a combination of professor X, Mageneto, Franklin Richards and the X-man’s abilities giving onslaught the ability of astral projection, illusion creation, mental bolt projection, sensing mutant presences, manipulating magnetic fields, and affecting reality itself. Onslaught could also enhance its physical size and strength.




A worshiped anti-God, Darkseid first appeared in the 1970 comic titled “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen”. Seeking to take control over all living beings, he is considered as one of the greatest threats to the DC universe. He is also known for his ability to unleash unimaginable amounts of energy through his “Omega Effect” Beam.




Mephisto was debuted in the Silver Age of Marvel comic books and appeared in several Marvel features and television series. He is an extremely powerful demonic immortal entity who possesses magical powers that give him superhuman strength, shape sizing shifting abilities, illusion manipulation, manipulation of time and a host of other powers.


Phoenix Force

Phoenix Forcewww.bangpowzap.com

The Phoenix Force is famous for its central role in The Dark Phoenix Saga. The Phoenix force is an immortal and mutable manifestation of both life and passion and through Jean Grey possessed telepathic and telekinetic powers magnified to near-infinite levels. She was able to manipulate matter and energy on a molecular scale, although this varied on the Force’s status and how much power it chose to allocate to Jean Grey.


The Spectre

The Spectrekootation.com

The Spectre is a superhero who has appeared in several DC Comics. He first appeared in an ad in More Fun Comics # 51 in January 1940 and had his first story the following month. Created by Jerry Siegel and Bernard Baily, Spectre possess near limitless power and is considered one of the most powerful DC characters. There are no known weaknesses to the Spectre though strong (like ridiculously strong) magic has been known to affect him. His powers include but are not limited to: manipulation of time and space, control over all matter, invulnerability, and limitless strength.




Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Dormammu debuted in the Silver Age of comic books and is the ruler of an alternate dimension—the god-tyrant of denizens. He is known as one of the most powerful mystical entities in the Marvel universe who is a threat to “the life of the universe itself”. His mystical powers enable him to produce just about any effect desired including the resurrection of the dead.




Imperiex is considered as the counterpart of Galactus in DC Comics. The embodiment of entropy, Imperiex takes the form of a humanoid made up of pure energy. His plan is to hasten the end of the universe through collapsing galaxies into super black holes and creating a new universe through releasing his own energy.




Galactus first appeared in 1966 in Fantastic Four # 48. He is the only survivor of the universe that existed prior to the Big Bang, which gave birth to a new universe. He exhibits godlike abilities and consumes entire planets for nourishment. He has the ability to manipulate molecules on a cosmic scale and convert matter to energy.


The Fulcrum

The Fulcrumwww.animevice.com

An ancient cosmic force from the Marvel Multiverse, The Fulcrum (AKA “Jack”) is the bartender who runs the bar known as The Vestibule, which is where the “Eternals” go before they return to a newly regenerated body or go to the afterlife. He is served by the Watchers and the Horde without question, a good thing too since he is omnipotent and omniscient.




The Celestials are a group of very powerful characters that debuted in the Bronze Age of Comic Books and have appeared in several Marvel publications. This group is believed to have been responsible for the creation of both Deviants and Eternals as well as for the existence of superpowers among mutants.


The Great Evil Beast

The Great Evil Beastdc.wikia.com

The Great Evil Beast is not an angel or leviathan—it is the soul of darkness itself, characterized by the absolute absence of divine light. He is equal to The Presence in terms of power and is the personification of pure evil. He was formed after God uttered, “Let there be light”, and is considered as one of the greatest villains in the DC universe.




Of all the villains threatening to destroy the universe, Thanos is believed to be the only who can actually do so. He is known for his immeasurable intelligence, endurance, stamina, durability, and strength as well as for his ability to control huge amounts of cosmic energy.


Superman Prime One Million


Shrouded in mystery, Superman prime is a version of Superman in the future. As the story goes, Superman remained inside the yellow sun for 15,000 years which enhanced his already substantial power to Cosmic levels giving him near omnipotence, invulnerability, the ability to create life and even create whole entire universes.


Nemesis (Infinity Gems Restored)

Nemesis (Infinity Gems Restored)marvel.com

The origin of Nemesis is covered in mystery, though it is believed that it was once the Infinity of Gems in its humanoid sentient form. This character became tired of its existence and desired to be shattered into six gems.


The Decreator

The Decreatorvillains.wikia.com

Decreator is known to be the shadow of God who was cast in the first few moments of creation. He is a cosmic entity dedicated to the eradication of all creation and is known for his power to make things disappear instantly. He is worshiped in “The Cult of the Unwritten Book”.




A 31st century sorcerer who intended to become omnipotent through collecting magical energies from the past, Sise-Neg traveled back to a pre-historic time on earth until he reached the very moment prior to the Big Bang. He eventually succeeds in collecting this power and becoming omnipotent.


The Alien Entity

The Alien Entitywww.comicvine.com

Ever since he became a mortal, The Alien Entity has always searched for the true meaning of life. He is a nigh-omnipotent being who sought the help of Reed Richards in order to find an answer to his question. Eventually, he became the founder of a new reality.


The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunalwww.comicvine.com

The Living Tribunal first appeared in Strange Tales #157 in June 1967. He is an omnipotent and omniscient character who aims to protect the universe from imbalance. The Living Tribunal is known for his willingness to sacrifice billions of lives to save trillions.


Elaine Belloc

Elaine Belloclebzpel.deviantart.com

Elaine Belloc is a powerful character from the DC Multiverse and Vertigo Universe. Her life story is bizarre and involves her father who is the Archangel Michael and a semi retired Lucifer who seemingly aids Elaine on her quest (told you it was bizarre). Nevertheless Elaine eventually acquires the Demiurgic power and goes on to become the god of creation of her own universe (thus replacing Yahweh).


The Source


Known as the Consciousness of the DC Comics Multiverse, The Source is one of the most powerful DC characters (if not THE most powerful DC character) and is the source of all that exists. He is mostly associated with the new gods and was the supposed reason behind the creation and empowerment of the gods of the DC Multiverse. He is also held responsible for the super-powers of DC residents.


Man of Miracles

Man of Miracleswww.comicvine.com

The Mother, known under the alias Man of Miracles, is an ageless character with practically inconceivable power and is believed to be the architect behind most of the events in the Spawn universe. Man of Miracles is also known as the “Mother of Existence”, though it is neither a male nor a female.


One Above All


Considered as the supreme being, The One Above All is the representation of the comic book artist and writer Jack Kirby and is the only being more powerful than the Tribunal (by far). As such, he is omnipotent and omniscient meaning his powers are unlimited, incalculable, and immeasurable. As if that’s not enough, he is also Omnipresent and as such, there exists only one, in all realities at once.