25 Popular Landmarks That Are Creepy Suicide Hot Spots

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Suicide is a complex and emotional subject. The most common reasons why people contemplate taking such drastic measures involve depression or other mental issues; financial problems, terminal illnesses or disability, and a host of other reasons. However, that doesn’t explain why certain locations around the world seem to somehow become suicide hot spots, drawing a cluster of people on an annual basis. Could it be their heights? Or maybe their iconic status? We really don’t know. But what we do know is that these popular landmarks for some reason or another are suicide hot spots and many people decide to end their lives, on them. What’s your opinion on these 25 popular landmarks that are creepy suicide hot spots?

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Van Stadens Bridge

Van Stadens Bridge

The Van Stadens Bridge, a concrete arch bridge over the Van Stadens River in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, is probably the most popular suicide magnet in the country. During 2013 the local authorities decided to erect a barrier that runs along the full length of the 198-meter bridge on both sides in an effort to stop jumpers from leaping from the 140-meter-high bridge from which nearly ninety people have jumped to their deaths in the past four decades alone.


Acropolis of Athens


When you hear about the Acropolis of Athens, words such as democracy, philosophy, and classic architecture come to mind first, but apparently the cradle of Western civilization is not just a significant cultural and historical attraction but a suicide destination as well. It might sound unbelievable but many locals and foreigners have jumped off the sacred rock of Athens throughout the years, with the most famous and tragic case being that of Mary Weber, a German governess at the palace of King George I of Greece, who fell in love with a Greek army surgeon named Mihalis Mimikos in the late nineteenth century.

This love story ended tragically with Mary Weber jumping from the Acropolis to her death after her father had prohibited her from marrying the love of her life.


Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge is one of the most popular suicide spots in all of Europe and definitely one of the most infamous in the UK. There are many sad suicide stories to tell about this place but undoubtedly one of the most depressing is the one about a mother who killed herself and her twelve-year-old son with Fragile X Syndrome in April 2006, which then became a big headline all over the country.


Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge

Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge

The Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge іs а road bridge іn Luxembourg City, іn southern Luxembourg. Despite its beauty and magnificent construction, the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge became known for the suicides that have taken place there. More thаn 100 people hаve ended theіr lives by jumping off the bridge since іt opened іn 1966 and for that reason in 1993 the local government decided tо erect а Plexiglas safety barrier tо prevent more suicides frоm happening.


Pigeons’ Rock

Pigeons' Rock

Along the coast of Raouché, one of the most beautiful areas of Beirut, Lebanon, there is the famous natural landmark widely known as Pigeons’ Rock, which attracts many tourists yearly. Other than for their rare natural beauty, the two big rock formations, which stand like huge sentinels, became a notorious suicide destination for locals during the ‘40s.

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