25 Outrageous Kangaroo Facts To Keep Your Mind Hopping

The word kangaroo originates from the Native Australian language of Guugu Yimihirr where the animal is called a gangurru. When Captain James Cook and his crew first learned this and saw a joey sticking its head out from its mother’s pouch, they originally thought kangaroos were two-headed animals. Today, we know much more about the beloved hoppers, even giving them specific names – baby kangaroos are known as joeys, adult males as boomers, and adult females as flyers. Found only in Australia, Tasmania, and Papua New Guinea, the kangaroo is now such a well-known symbol of Australia that it can be found on its currency, commercial products, and even on the Royal Australian Air Force.

These are truly fascinating and bizarre animals and, in this list, we dig into some of the strangest kangaroo facts you could imagine – or couldn’t. Some of these facts are so bizarre they seem as though they began in an eight-year-old’s imagination. (For instance, once a female reaches sexual maturity, she will almost always be pregnant, holding one embryo in her uterus, a fetus in her pouch, and a growing joey outside of the pouch.) Though there are many different kinds of kangaroos (see #12), in this list, we focus on the larger, more well-known kangaroos seen on most nature documentaries and Aussie kids’ coloring books. Be prepared to be shocked and amazed by this list of 25 Outrageous Kangaroo Facts To Keep Your Mind Hopping.

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We start out our list with one of the coolest and most amazing roo facts. A kangaroo can become pregnant and then pause the birth in a type of suspended animation. If a female is not ready to give birth, such as if she is already caring for another baby, the embryo will stop development after a few days and enter a stasis mode.

rednecked wallabiesSource: BBC Earth, Image: Pixabay

The kick of a kangaroo is powerful enough to kill an adult human. Sharp claws on their hind feet have also been known to disembowel small animals.

fighting_red_kangaroosSource: Canadian Museum of Nature, Image: Wikipedia

Despite being a 14-year-old's default joke, kangaroos actually have a fifth leg - sort of. Used for balance while hopping, a kangaroo's muscular tail is used as a fifth leg when walking around. When they kick, they even balance on the leg to deliver the front kick.

kangaroo from behindSource: Outback Australia Travel Secrets, Image: Pixabay

When watching a fight for dominance between two males, it's easy to see who is the superior male. Only the sub-dominant male kicks in these competitions. (Like other marsupials, male kangaroos are unique in having their testicles above rather than below the rest of their junk.)

Wallaby-fighting-TasmaniaSource: National Geographic, Image: Wikipedia

The birth of a baby kangaroo is one of the most bizarre births in the animal kingdom. At the equivalent of seven weeks of human gestation, a small, pink worm comes out of the mother's birth canal. The underdeveloped little creature must grab onto its mother with its barely present front legs and climb up the thick fur before settling in her pouch.

kangaroo with joeySource: Outback Australia Travel Secrets, Image: Pixabay

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