25 Of The Weirdest Statues Ever Made

Posted by , Updated on January 17, 2024

Humans have been enshrining people, animals, and ideas in statue form for thousands of years. Whether it be of a progressive thinker, a beloved pet, or a god, statues can be found in nearly every city on Earth. But not all statues are as meaningful as one of Martin Luther King, Jr. or Greyfriar’s Bobby. And that’s what we’re focusing on – the weird, the bizarre, the “why in the heck did they make this?!” statue which makes you scratch your head. Are you such a big fan of the rock band Queen that you want to visit a statue of Freddie Mercury? There’s a strange statue for that. Or maybe you’d prefer to see the image of a man getting his hair cut encased in bronze? There’s a strange statue for that. Or maybe you are a fan of European folk stories and you would like to see a fountain-statue of a beast devouring children? Again, and bizarrely, there’s a strange statue for that. (World travelers will especially love this list as they’ll find some new, lesser-known corners of cities to visit while on vacation.) Read on in utter confusion as you see this list of 25 of the Weirdest Statues Ever Made.


"The Travellers Have Arrived" by Gilie and Marc in Sydney

Lg_sculpture_fibreglass_sculpture_by_the_sea_bondi_gillie_and_marcImage: Wikipedia

This man-pig statue in Haw Par Villa, Singapore

man pig statueImage: William Cho via Flickr

The plaque of the statue "Belle" on the Oudekerksplein in Amsterdam honors sex workers and reads: "Respect sex workers all over the world"

Amsterdam_Els_Rijerse_Belle_(2007)Image: Wikimedia

Another statue on the street shows a bronze hand fondling a female breast.


This sexy face fail at the Fountain of the Baboon in Rome

sexy eyes statueImage: * Karl * via Flickr

This statue of Freddie Mercury overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland

Freddy_Mercury_Statue_MontreuxImage: Wikipedia

St. Wenceslas riding a dead horse in a Prague shopping mall

Cerný_WenceslasImage: Wikipedia

"Maria" the robot from the 1927 film "Metropolis", currently looking over Babelsberg, Germany

Maria_from_metropolisImage: Wikipedia

A hungry alligator coming out of the sewers to eat a baby in Brooklyn (probably in Park Slope)

brooklyn-street-art - alligator eating babyImage: Pixabay

The man with no head and arms in the Old Jewish Quarter of Prague

Kafka_statue_PragueImage: Wikipedia

The Žižkov Television Tower in Prague where "Babies" are crawling up the tower

Ji?ská, Josefov, Prague, Hlavní m?sto Praha, Czech RepublicImage: Wikipedia

The Kindlifresserbrunnen (Child Eater Fountain) in Bern, Switzerland, of an ogre eating a naked child and plucking more from its bag

Bern_-_Kindlifresserbrunnen_am_KornhausplatzImage: Wikipedia

This man selling too many watches in Vancouver

watch seller statueImage: Mike McHolm via Flickr

This bronze man getting a street haircut in Beijing

BJ_北京_Beijing_王府井大街_Wangfujing_Street_outdoor_sculpture_figures_Barber_Customer_Aug-2010Image: Wikimedia

Another piece by Czech artist David Černý, "Gesture" is…well, pretty self-explanatory

640px-Gesto,_David_Černý(sochař),_21.10.2013,_PrahaImage: Wikipedia

This giant monkey watching over two white human sculptures and the village

monkey statueImage: Pixabay

This giant spider statue in Ottawa that would be terrifying to chance upon after dark

Giant_spider_statueImage: Wikipedia

This cow who somehow got stuck up a tree in Melbourne

cow stuck in a tree statueImage: Niv Singer via Flickr

This immensely provocative statue by Černý in central Prague

Cerný_hanging_statueImage: Wikimedia

These statues laughing at everything you do in Vancouver

laughing statuesImage: Pixabay

A statue of Michael Jackson in front of a McDonalds in the Netherlands

Michael_Jackson_sculptureImage: surlespasdemichaeljackson.com

A statue of Charles Joseph Latrobe at Latrobe University in Australia showing what students feel like during exam week

Charles_Robb_La_Trobe_statueImage: Wikimedia

A sculpture showing even the dead want their coffee

coffee sculptureImage: Pixabay

"Chicken Boy", an old statue advertising a Los Angeles chicken restaurant that was recognized by Arnold Schwarzenegger with the Governor's Historic Preservation Award

Chicken_Boy_statue_Los_AngelesImage: Wikipedia

Bernd das Brot (Bernd the Bread Loaf): a statue of a grumpy, fatalistic loaf of bread in front of the Erfurt, Germany, town hall

Bernd_das_Brot_ErfurtImage: Wikipedia

The Peeing Statues by David Černý, peeing on the Czech Republic

The Peeing StatuesImage: Nicolas Sanguinetti via Flickr

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