25 Of The Most Popular Souvenirs From Around The World

When on travels, we usually want to get some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. We all want to be original and get something really special and unique, but in most cases, we end up buying the most typical and kitsch items in the tackiest souvenir shops. But on the other hand, if you don’t get the little Eiffel Tower keychain when in Paris, it is like you have never been there. To see 25 of the most typical (and sometimes incredibly kitsch) souvenirs from around the world, check out 25 Of The Most Popular Souvenirs From Around The World.


Brandenburg Gate replica, Germany

Brandenburg Gate replicawww.etsy_.com

An 18th-century neoclassical triumphal arch, the Brandenburg Gate is an iconic landmark of Berlin and a major tourist attraction of Germany. People often buy the replica of the structure and pose with it in front of the actual gate.


Maple syrup, Canada

Maple syrupglobal.rakuten.com

Canada is by far the world´s largest producer of maple syrup and the maple leaf is widely recognized as the country´s national symbol so when it comes to souvenirs, there is nothing more Canadian than maple syrup contained in a little bottle designed in the shape of the maple leaf.


Painted clogs, Netherlands


When in Netherlands, you can choose from a wide of range of souvenirs typical of this country. Windmills, tulips, cheese – all these things are iconic symbols of Netherlands. But there is one more thing – super trendy but almost unwearable painted clogs! Made entirely from wood, they are among the most desired Dutch souvenirs.


Kangaroo scrotum lighter, Australia

Kangaroo scrotum lighterwww.havesnarkwilltravel.com

As the kangaroo is the most popular animal symbol of Australia, it comes as no surprise that many souvenirs are kangaroo-themed. However, the fact that one of the most common memorabilia is the poor marsupial´s scrotum designed as keychain or lighter, can be very…surprising.


Little mermaid statuette, Denmark

Little mermaid statuettewww.allposters.com

Based on the fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen has become a major tourist attraction of the city as well as the whole country. Naturally, a miniature model of the statue is what most tourists visiting Denmark want to get as a keepsake.

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