25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Plants You Have Ever Seen

Our planet is home to over 300,000 species of plants, so it should come as no surprise that you can come across some really bizarre and unique plants out there. We all know roses, tulips, orchids and other commonly grown and sold flowering plants but did you know there are rare orchid species that resemble a monkey´s face, dancing girls or flying ducks? Have you ever heard of a plant that can eat a mouse? And how about plants that smell like dead flesh and feces? In fact, the plant kingdom is an incredibly diverse and fascinating world with thousands of amazing plant species you have probably never heard of. To show you how greatly varied and unique our planet´s flora can be, we did a little bit of research on this topic and compiled a list featuring 25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Plants You Have Ever Seen. From oddly shaped orchids and living stones plants to the skeleton flower, Darth Vader flower and malicious pitcher plants capable of eating little animals, here are 25 Of The Most Bizarre And Unique Plants You Have Ever Seen.

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Crab´s eye

Crab´s eyeSource: en.wikipedia.org, image by Tatters

Known by a number of other colloquial names such as jequirity, rosary pea, John Crow Bead and Indian licorice, crab´s eye is a slender, perennial climber that twines around trees, shrubs, and hedges. Native to almost all tropics, the plant is best known for its seeds, which are used as beads and in percussion instruments, and which are toxic due to the presence of Abrin.


Lithops karasmontana

Lithops karasmontanaSource and image: en.wikipedia.org

Lithops karasmontana (translated as Karas Mountains living stone) is a species of flowering plant in the family Aizoaceae, native to Namibia and South Africa. This uniquely-looking plant resists attacks from herbivorous predators by mimicking local stone formations. When not in bloom, Lithops karasmontana is almost impossible to detect.


White Egret flower

White Egret flowerSource: en.wikipedia.org,

Also known as Fringed Orchid or Sagiso, the White Egret flower is a species of orchid found in China, Japan, Korea and Russia. Resembling a white dove, the plant should not be confused with the white fringed orchid Platanthera praeclara, which is a North American species.


Corpse flower

Corpse flowerSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Endemic to the rainforests of Sumatra and possibly Borneo, the corpse flower is noted for producing the largest individual flower on Earth (measuring over 3 ft or 1 meter in diameter). Scientifically known as Rafflesia arnoldii, the plant produces a very strong odor of decaying flesh, thus the nickname.


Dracula benedictii

Dracula benedictiiSource: en.wikipedia.org, image: commons.wikimedia.org

Dracula benedictii is a species of rare orchid found in Cordillera Central and Cordillera Occidental, Colombia. Resembling a monkey´s face, this orchid species was named in honor of Benedict Roezl, the noted Bohemian collector, who discovered this plant.

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