25 Most Spectacular Events In Sport’s History

Posted by , Updated on August 6, 2014

Sport has its own way of influencing and making an impression on people. Since the first sporting activities were introduced in 3000 B.C., they have been among the most popular sources of entertainment of people from all ages and walks of life. Sports events these days are held more formally than in the ancient times. They are governed by rules, held in vast fields and draw large crowds and audiences. The evolution of sports from a simple form of leisure to a competition that involves professional players has tremendously influenced modern popular culture. It is the reason why events such as these 25 most spectacular events in the history of sports are so important.

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Last Second Kickoff

Last Second Kickoffwww.seniorforums.com

The college football game between the University of California Golden Bears and the Stanford University Cardinal on November 20, 1982 made history after a last-second kickoff return that led to the victory of the former. This wild game is considered as one of the most memorable college football games ever played in history.


Jesse Owen’s Debunking of Aryan Myth

Jesse Owen’s Debunking of Aryan Mythwww.sikids.com

During the reign of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, Africans were portrayed as inferior because of the concept of ‘Aryan Racial Superiority.” Even African athletes that time were discriminated because of the concept. To everybody’s surprise, Jesse Owens, an African, brought home four gold medals thereby proving the Aryan philosophy wrong.


Eight Medals In One Olympics Event

Eight Medals in One Olympics Eventwww.noozebox.com

Athlete Michael Phelps won a total of eight gold medals during the 2008 Summer Olympics, setting the record for the most number of medals won in a single sports event. The record set by Phelps surpassed the record made by Mark Splitz who once made seven medals in one Olympics event.


Michael Jordan’s Final Basket

The Final Shot of Michael Jordanwww.medievalbeatz.com

With 5 NBA MVP Awards, Michael Jordan is arguably the best player to play basketball. During the NBA finals in 1998, The Chicago Bulls, his team at that time, led the series 3-2 but trailed the last game 86-85 with 10 seconds left. He scored two points at the last second of the game, clinching a momentous victory for the Bulls.


Miracle On Ice

Soviet Thrashed by US Hockey Teamto.reddit.com

During the 1980 National Hockey League, the US Hockey Team defeated the NHL All-Stars Soviet team. An incredible feat considering the fact that the US team was made up of amateur and collegiate players. Today, this event is known as the “Miracle on Ice” and is heralded as the greatest hockey sports moment of the 20th century.

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