25 Most Spectacular Events In Sport’s History

Posted by , Updated on August 6, 2014

Sport has its own way of influencing and making an impression on people. Since the first sporting activities were introduced in 3000 B.C., they have been among the most popular sources of entertainment of people from all ages and walks of life. Sports events these days are held more formally than in the ancient times. They are governed by rules, held in vast fields and draw large crowds and audiences. The evolution of sports from a simple form of leisure to a competition that involves professional players has tremendously influenced modern popular culture. It is the reason why events such as these 25 most spectacular events in the history of sports are so important.

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The Bob Beamon Long Jump

The Bob Beamon Long Jumpfindingmanhood.wordpress.com

Bob Beamon successfully set a World Record for his long jump measuring 29’2 ½ inches during the Summer Olympics on October 18, 1968. He broke the existing record at that time by almost two feet. His jump labeled “The Perfect Jump” by journalist Dick Schaap) held the record for 23 years until it was broken in 1991.


Speech of a Dying Athlete

Speech of a Dying Athleteaddins.whig.com

Lou Gehrig used to play for the New York Yankees from 1925 to 1939 but stopped when he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). As he was about to die on July 4, 1939, he stood before around 60,000 of his fans and thanked them for receiving nothing but kindness from them for the 17 years that he played more than 2,000 games.


The End of Roger Maris’ Single-Season Home Run Record

The End of Roger Maris’ Single-Season Home Run Recordwww.posternation.com

Roger Maris’ spectacular single-season homerun was broken in 1998 by Mark McGwire after he had hit a pitch by Steve Trachsel of Chicago Clubs over the left field well, making it to his record-breaking 62nd home run. His victory set off grand celebrations at Busch Stadium. He had a total of 70 homeruns for the season, four homeruns ahead of Sosa’s record of 66.


Super Shot by Bobby Thomson

Super Shot by Bobby Thomsonwww.telegraph.co.uk

Bobby Thomson’s name took the limelight in baseball after his game-winning homerun during the 1951 National League. The playoff game between The Dodgers and Giants is considered today as the most famous game in the history of baseball.


100 Points in a Single Game

100 Points in a Single Gamewww.usatoday.com

Considered by the National Basketball Association as one of its greatest games, the playoff between Philadelphia Warriors and the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962 in Pennsylvania left Wilt Chamberlain under the limelight after he scored 100 points and won the gold for his team. He was hailed by spectators as the hero of that night.

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