25 Most Powerful Weapons In Video Game History

What would video games be without awesome, cool, and powerful weapons? Not much if you ask me, and it’s hard to find cooler weapons than these 25 most powerful weapons in video game history.

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Hammer of Dawn (Gears of War Saga)


Hammer of Dawn is an emulsion-energized weapon that was first introduced in the Gears of War Saga. It was first used as a means to force politicians to rethink their decisions as well as to facilitate the operations during the Locust War. This weapon was responsible for burning down 90% of Sera and killing thousands of humans.


Energy Sword (Halo Saga)


Another weapon especially made for the first person shooters, the energy sword was popularized by the Halo Saga. This multi player melee weapon features a curved hilt and an energy storage module. It is an ancient noble weapon that was wielded by Sangheili and requires both skill and bravery.


Ray Gun (Call of Duty: World at War “Nazi Zombies Mode”)


This type of fictional directed-energy weapon is also known as the blaster, the laser gun, zap gun, phaser, death ray or beam gun. It became popular in the video game Call of Duty: World at War. This weapon is known to emit a visible and lethal ray that can cause extremedamage to its targets.


Gravity Gun (Half-Life Series)


This type of powerful device was popularized by the Half-Life series. It is normally used by first-person shooters who use advanced physic engine. Through this weapon, they can control objects around them and use them as projectiles against villains.


Champion’s Cudgel (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim “Dragonborn”)


This unique weapon from the Elder Scrolls V video game is known for its size and slowness. However, what makes this weapon so powerful is its element of disenchantment. When this weapon is disenchanted by Dragonborn, he or she then has the ability to enchant any weapon with 50% chance for each of the elements of fire, shock and frost.

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