25 Most Popular Songs For The Millennial Generation

We all have our favorite’s songs but considering the diversity of songs that were most popular during the years when the Generation Y came around (which was from 1982/1983 until 2004) rating songs for this particular generation is difficult. Therefore this list is based only on the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts. We combined all the Top 1 hits with the songs that remained the most number of weeks in the chart. These 25 most popular songs for the millennial generation exhibited a collaboration of genres, a wide range of powerful vocal dynamics and an infusion of digitally enhanced music.

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Centerfold – The J. Geils Band

25 Centerfold_tn

Although it was released a year before the first set of millenials were born, this single shot up to the top of the charts on February 1982 and stayed there for 6 weeks.


Like a Virgin – Madonna

24 Like A Virgin_tn

Also topping the charts for 6 weeks by the end of 1984, it was said that this song and “Material Girl” which is from the same album made Madonna an icon. Like a Virgin is one of the most memorable songs Madonna has made in her entire career.


Say, Say, Say – Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

23 Say, Say, Say_tn

This pleading kind of love song was the seventh top ten hit for Michael Jackson which stayed on the top spot for 6 weeks but it was produced for Paul McCartney’s fifth solo album, Pipes of Peace. Although it had mixed reviews, it went on to hit number one in more than 20 other countries.


Flashdance… What a Feeling – Irene Cara

22 Flashdance_tn

With several covers by different artists around the globe, this soundtrack from the 1983 film Flashdance went on to win an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.


Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

21 Eye of the Tiger_tn

Released on May 1982 as the theme song for Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky III, it ranked 5th in the 1980-1989 End of Decade U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Survivor gained a double platinum award for this chart topper.

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