25 Most Loved and Successful YouTubers

Posted by , Updated on March 22, 2024

Living in the 21st century, one of the most exciting aspects is experiencing the dramatic cultural and technological shifts. Although it’s relatively young, the Internet has undeniably been a key player in these transformations, showcasing the rapid evolution of modern society more effectively than anywhere else. Socialnomics reports that each month, over a billion unique users will join YouTube and engage with some of the platform’s most popular content creators. It’s clear to see that these numbers could be even higher in a more economically balanced society.

But what makes YouTube so special and popular? To begin with, anyone can launch a video channel on YouTube and post regular updates that are entertaining, informational, or just promote your website. So, only eleven years after launching, YouTube has become the absolute indicator of a performer or celebrity’s popularity, and in many cases can predict a film’s success from the number of views its trailer gets. More impressively, YouTube has produced its own superstars—everyday people who have become rich and/or famous exclusively through the site—with some of them making millions annually thanks to their success. We’re not even exaggerating! These are 25 Most Loved and Successful YouTubers.

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BBQ Pit Boys (Over 600,000 Subscribers)

BBQ Pit BoysSource and Image: YouTube

YouTube hosts a lot of food channels, but if you want the best tips for your next BBQ adventure, there’s no channel like the BBQ Pit Boys. This is the spot for old-school barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your next pit, family picnic, or tailgate party.


Superwoman (8.5 Million Subscribers)

SuperwomanSource and Image: YouTube

Superwoman, whose birth name is Lilly Saini Singh, carries the title of the most famous YouTuber of Indian descent. Since she started in October 2010, her videos have received more than a billion views, and her channel has reached 8.5 million subscribers and counting. Additionally, Lilly is one of the highest paid YouTubers, ranking eighth on Forbes’s list of the World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars, earning a reported $3 million in 2015.


Limitless EXP (947K Subscribers)

Limitless EXPSource and Image: YouTube

Vincent Valentine is one of the coolest and most honest pranksters online, and if you’ve ever watched any of his videos, you’ve probably noticed he never sets up pranks to get views, as many pranksters have been accused of doing. The Las Vegas–based YouTuber has nearly a million subscribers on his main channel, Limitless EXP, and also has a vlog where he posts videos about his personal “mythology.”


Kassem G (2.6 Million Subscribers)

Kassem GSource and Image: YouTube

Kassem G is a popular Web-based comedian and the most famous YouTuber of Middle Eastern descent. Born in Jordan to a Jordanian father and Egyptian mother, he moved to Florida when he was four and grew up in California. With more than 2.6 million subscribers and nearly half a billion views, Kassem G has posted several hundred videos on his channel, with the California On, Going Deep, and Street Music web series being some of the most watched in the States.


SkyDoesMinecraft (11.9 Million Subscribers)

SkyDoesMinecraftSource and Image: YouTube

Twenty-three-year-old Adam Dahlberg is a massively popular Minecraft YouTuber who originally became popular as part of a Minecraft team called Team Crafted. Just as Michael Jackson left the Jackson 5 and Justin Timberlake left NSYNC for glorious solo careers, in 2014 Adam stated on Twitter that he was leaving the group to go solo. With nearly 12 million subscribers to his YouTube channel in less than two years we all agree he made the right choice.


Bethany Mota (9.9 Million Subscribers)

Bethany MotaSource and Image: YouTube

Bethany Mota is a YouTuber from California who posts videos about her biggest passion: fashion and style. She started her stellar online career by uploading videos about outfit ideas, makeup and hair  tutorials, recipes, and DIY ideas. After her immense success on YouTube, she ended up on Dancing with the Stars, where she reached the finals, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially after taking into account how her channel has nearly 10 million hard-core subscribers who would probably vote for her no matter what.


Zoella (10.4 Million Subscribers)

ZoellaSource and Image: YouTube

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is an English fashion and beauty vlogger who goes by the YouTube nickname Zoella. To get an idea of how huge this young lady has become, back in November 2014, her debut novel broke the record for highest first-week sales for a first-time novelist since Nielsen BookScan began compiling such records in 1998. Yep, she even broke J. K. Rowling’s records.


Markiplier (12.4 Million Subscribers)

MarkiplierSource and Image: YouTube

Mark Edward Fischbach might just be another name to you, but his YouTube channel under the pseudonym Markiplier has attracted more than 12 million dedicated subscribers and more than 4 billion views. What does Fischbach do that he has so many fans, you ask? Well, he plays survival horror and action video games and sometimes comments on them, while having fun! Not bad, huh?


Ray William Johnson (10.6 Million Subscribers)

Ray William JohnsonSource and Image: YouTube

Ray William Johnson is an American comedian, writer, and rapper, who is probably better known for his YouTube channel and web series, Equals Three. As of April 2016, the channel has reached more than 3 billion views and almost 11 million subscribers, making it one of the most viewed channels on YouTube.


Furious Pete (2.8 Millions Subscribers)

Furious PeteSource and Image: YouTube

Peter Czerwinski, better known by his stage name Furious Pete, is a Polish-Canadian competitive eater. Furious Pete currently holds nine Guinness World Records in eating, but he became famous worldwide thanks to his YouTube channel, which has reached nearly 3 million subscribers—more than any other competitive eater in the world.


VitalyzdTv (8.9 Million Subscribers)

VitalyzdTvSource and Image: YouTube

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, better known by his YouTube username VitalyzdTv, is a Russian-born YouTube personality and the undisputed champion of pranks. If you’re a soccer fan then you probably remember him for entering the field and interrupting the 2014 World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina. His main channel videos, as of April 2016 had garnered more than 1.1 billion views and more than 8.7 million subscribers, while his vlog channel has more than 107 million views and 1.6 million subscribers.


El Rubius (17.5 Millions Subscribers)

El Rubius Source and Image: YouTube

El Rubius is a Spanish YouTuber whose channel primarily consists of gameplay and video blogs. His channel is currently the fourth most subscribed to and the second most successful in Spanish, with more than 17 million subscribers and 3.5 billion views.


TheFineBros (13.8 Million Subscribers)

TheFineBrosSource and Image: YouTube

Benny Fine and Rafi Fine are the guys behind The Fine Brothers YouTube channel and the creators of the extremely successful React series. In React’s various iterations (Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React), TheFineBros show viral videos to subjects and film their reactions. Many consider TheFineBros to be two of the first YouTube stars because they have been creating online content since 2004. Their channel has more than 14 million subscribers.


Epic Rap Battles of History (13.1 Million Subscribers)

Epic Rap Battles of HistorySource and Image: YouTube

Epic Rap Battles of History is a YouTube series created by Peter Shukoff (a.k.a. Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (a.k.a. EpicLLOYD). The series pits famous historical and pop culture figures, real and fictional, against each other in a rap battle format. As of April 2016, Epic Rap Battles of History has more than 13.1 million subscribers and over 2.7 billion views.


KSI (12+ Millions Subscribers)

KSISource and Image: YouTube

KSI is an English comedian and YouTube personality who will occasionally rap if he’s in the mood to. KSI became famous thanks to his FIFA gameplay/commentary videos and his obsession with soccer. His YouTube channel currently has more than 12 million subscribers.


Smosh (22 Million Subscribers)

SmoshSource and Image: YouTube

Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the American Web-based sketch-comedy duo known as Smosh. Their channel has attracted more than 21 million subscribers and has attained an incredible 5.4 billion views. The good news for fans is that they are currently expanding to include others to handle animated, foreign-language, and gaming videos, while—as you may have noticed—their sketches already include more actors.


PrankvsPrank (10 Million Subscribers)

PrankvsPrankSource and Image: YouTube

Jesse M. Wellens and his girlfriend, Jeana Smith, had the brilliant idea back in 2007 to play pranks on each other and then post the videos of them on YouTube. These videos usually show how they prepare to prank each other and of course record their reaction, which is usually very funny. With more than 1.7 billion views and nearly 10 million subscribers, the happy couple is quite rich as well these days.


TheWillyrex (7 Million Subscribers)

TheWillyrexSource and Image: YouTube

The Willyrex is the YouTube username of the Spanish videogame commentator Guillermo Diaz, who is known for his Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto V, Happy Wheels, and Minecraft videos. With nearly 7 million subscribers, Willyrex does nothing more than play certain video games with his fellow YouTube friends in front of his millions of fans.


VanossGaming (over 16 Million Subscribers)

VanossGamingSource and Image: YouTube

Evan Fong, whom you most likely know as VanossGaming, is the most famous Canadian YouTuber and one of the most popular videogame commentators in the world. He focuses almost exclusively on gaming culture and usually offers helpful gameplay tips in his videos. Since starting his channel in 2011, Fong has gained more than 16 million subscribers, and his videos have reached and begun to surpass an astonishing 4 billion views.


Yuya (14 Million Subscribers)

YuyaSource and Image: YouTube

Mariand Castrejon, best known as Yuya, posts about all things beauty on her super successful channel and is considered an icon among the youth in her native Mexico. She currently ranks as one of the most subscribed to YouTubers in history with more than 14 million subscribers.


JennaMarbles (15 Million Subscribers)

JennaMarblesSource and Image: YouTube

You might not know her as Jenna N. Mourey, but you definitely know her by the pseudonym Jenna Marbles. This American YouTube personality, vlogger, and comedian is considered the “queen” of YouTube. With more than 15 million subscribers, her channel is the most subscribed to on YouTube operated by a female.


TheDiamondMinecart (10 Million Subscribers)

TheDiamondMinecartSource and Image: YouTube

Daniel Middleton, widely known as TheDiamondMinecart, is one of the most popular British YouTubers. He’s known for uploading many videos (he has nearly two thousand videos and counting), and his channel has more than 10 million subscribers. He is considered by many to be the “king” of Minecraft on YouTube.


HolaSoyGermán (27 Millions Subscribers)

HolaSoyGermánSource and Image: YouTube

HolaSoyGermán is a Chilean YouTube comedian, musician, and writer, among other things. When he’s not making funny videos, he is producing songs with his band, which you can find on his YouTube channel. He is the second most successful YouTuber in the world at the moment with more than 27 million subscribers and the top non-English-speaking YouTuber in history.


Ryan Higa (16 Million Subscribers)

Ryan HigaSource and Image: YouTube

Ryan Higa, also known by his YouTube username Nigahiga, is a Japanese-American YouTuber and comedian. His hilariously funny videos have been viewed over 2.6 billion times and as of April 2016, his YouTube channel has reached over 16 million subscribers.


PewDiePie (43 Million Subscribers)

PewDiePieSource and Image: YouTube

YouTube personality PewDiePie is a Swedish comedian and the undisputed king of YouTube. With more than 43 million subscribers, he’s by far the most famous and rich YouTuber in the world. Back in 2014 his channel surpassed Rihanna’s Vevo account on YouTube to become the most viewed channel of all time. As of April 2016, his channel had received over 11.5 billion views.