25 Most Loved and Successful YouTubers

One of the most thrilling things about living in the twenty-first century is witnessing all the drastic technological and cultural changes taking place. Despite being quite young, the Internet has undoubtedly played a significant role in this phenomenon since the rapid changes taking place in modern society are best illustrated on the Web than anywhere else in the world. According to Socialnomics, more than a billion unique users per month will join YouTube and watch some of the most successful YouTubers out there. As one easily understands, in a more fair and balanced economical society these numbers would be even higher.

But what makes YouTube so special and popular? To begin with, anyone can launch a video channel on YouTube and post regular updates that are entertaining, informational, or just promote your website. So, only eleven years after launching, YouTube has become the absolute indicator of a performer or celebrity’s popularity, and in many cases can predict a film’s success from the number of views its trailer gets. More impressively, YouTube has produced its own superstars—everyday people who have become rich and/or famous exclusively through the site—with some of them making millions annually thanks to their success. We’re not even exaggerating! These are 25 Most Loved and Successful YouTubers.

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BBQ Pit Boys (Over 600,000 Subscribers)

BBQ Pit BoysSource and Image: YouTube

YouTube hosts a lot of food channels, but if you want the best tips for your next BBQ adventure, there’s no channel like the BBQ Pit Boys. This is the spot for old-school barbecue and grilling recipes to serve up at your next pit, family picnic, or tailgate party.


Superwoman (8.5 Million Subscribers)

SuperwomanSource and Image: YouTube

Superwoman, whose birth name is Lilly Saini Singh, carries the title of the most famous YouTuber of Indian descent. Since she started in October 2010, her videos have received more than a billion views, and her channel has reached 8.5 million subscribers and counting. Additionally, Lilly is one of the highest paid YouTubers, ranking eighth on Forbes’s list of the World’s Highest Paid YouTube Stars, earning a reported $3 million in 2015.


Limitless EXP (947K Subscribers)

Limitless EXPSource and Image: YouTube

Vincent Valentine is one of the coolest and most honest pranksters online, and if you’ve ever watched any of his videos, you’ve probably noticed he never sets up pranks to get views, as many pranksters have been accused of doing. The Las Vegas–based YouTuber has nearly a million subscribers on his main channel, Limitless EXP, and also has a vlog where he posts videos about his personal “mythology.”


Kassem G (2.6 Million Subscribers)

Kassem GSource and Image: YouTube

Kassem G is a popular Web-based comedian and the most famous YouTuber of Middle Eastern descent. Born in Jordan to a Jordanian father and Egyptian mother, he moved to Florida when he was four and grew up in California. With more than 2.6 million subscribers and nearly half a billion views, Kassem G has posted several hundred videos on his channel, with the California On, Going Deep, and Street Music web series being some of the most watched in the States.


SkyDoesMinecraft (11.9 Million Subscribers)

SkyDoesMinecraftSource and Image: YouTube

Twenty-three-year-old Adam Dahlberg is a massively popular Minecraft YouTuber who originally became popular as part of a Minecraft team called Team Crafted. Just as Michael Jackson left the Jackson 5 and Justin Timberlake left NSYNC for glorious solo careers, in 2014 Adam stated on Twitter that he was leaving the group to go solo. With nearly 12 million subscribers to his YouTube channel in less than two years we all agree he made the right choice.

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